2007 Week 15 NFL Match Up Analysis

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Week 15 NFL Preview

December 11, 2007
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EAGLES (5-8 SU&ATS) at COWBOYS (12-1, 8-4-1)
The Cowboys have lost 8 of 11 ATS against Philadelphia and they’ve been OVER in 10 of 13. The Eagles have been OVER in 9 of 10 as under dogs and 20 -8 ATS after suffering a home loss. They’ve beaten the spread 10 of 12 after a divisional game. Dallas beat the Eagles 38-17 as 3pts road favorites.

REDSKINS (6-7, 5-6-2) at GIANTS (9-4, 8-5)
The Giants have NOT beaten the spread in 6 straight at home during the second half of the season. The Redskins are 10-23 after a home loss and they’ve covered the spread 26 of 37 as road dogs of 3 ½ to 7pts. The Giants beat the Redskins, 24-17, as 3 ½ road dogs. The home team has won 5 of 7 between the two teams.

BEARS (5-8, 4-9) at VIKINGS (7-6, 7-4-2)
The Bears are 6-24 ATS in December on the road. The Vikings are 3-9 as favorites against divisional rivalries after back to back wins and ATS wins. They’ve been UNDER in 10 of 11 after a double digit win. The Vikings beat the Bears, 34-31, as 6pt road dogs. The underdog between these two teams is 16-19. The Vikings haven’t swept the Bears since 2000.

FALCONS (3-9, 6-6 prior to Monday) at BUCS (8-5 SU&ATS)
The Hawks have been UNDER in 12 of 15 as road dogs of 7pts or less and they’ve NOT cashed in on the spread in 18 of 23 at home. The Bucs are 19-10-1 ATS and their 9-4-1 ATS against the Falcons. The favorite has cashed in on 14-5-1. The Bucs easily beat the spread as 3pt road dogs the last time they played the Falcons.

RAVENS (4-9, 2-10-1) at DOLPHINS (0-13, 4-6-3)
The Ravens have cashed in 13 of 18 as favorites during the last four weeks of the season and they’ve lost 18 of 25 on the road. They have failed to beat the spread in 16 of 25. The Dolphins are 6-16 versus non divisional teams at home and their 0-5 ATS at home.

BILLS (8-5, 8-4-1) at BROWNS (8-5, 9-3-1)
The Browns are 6-0 as favorites and they’ve failed to beat the spread in 9 of 10 when playing an average team during the second half of the season. The Bills have lost 9 of 10 ATS on the road after covering two games in a row. They’re also 26-12 ATS against poor defensive teams that give up 24pts or more per game.

PACKERS (10-3 SU&ATS) at RAMS (3-10 SU&ATS)
The Packers have been OVER in 5 of 6 and they’ve won 5 of 6 ATS. Their 2-6 ATS after a 14pt win on the road. The Packers are 6-14-2 as road favorites on turf. They won their first two games ATS on turf at the start of the season.

JAGUARS (9-4 SU&ATS) at PITTSBURGH (9-4, 7-6)
The Jags are 5-0 ATS and 5-6 ATS on the road. Since 2004 they’re 18-8-1 as under dogs. They’re 3-14 ATS after allowing 99 YDS rushing in four straight games. The Jags have been OVER in 7 of 8 when the total is set between 35 ½ and 45 and during the last four weeks of the season they’ve been OVER in 8 of 9. The Steelers are 8-18 as favorites of between 3 1/3 and 9 ½ and 8-1 as home favorites of 3 ½ to 7pts. They’ve been OVER in 17 of 22 at home and they’ve beaten the spread in December 24-10.


JETS (3-10, 3-8-2) at PATRIOTS (13-0, 10-2-1)
The Pats have been OVER in 7 of 8 and they’ve beaten the Jets 9 of 11 and 8-2-1 ATS. During the final four weeks of the season the Pats are 20-8-1 ATS against divisional rivals. The Jets are 12-5-1 ATS and they lost to the Pats, 38-14, as 6 ½ underdogs during their season opener.

BRONCOS (6-7, 4-9) at TEXANS (6-7, 5-7-1)
The Texans have been OVER in 10 of 12 at home when the total is set between 42 ½ and 49. After a home win the Texans have lost 13 of 16 ATS. The Broncos have been OVER in 11 of 13 and in December they’ve been OVER in seven straight.  They’ve lost 10 of 11 ATS when facing teams with poor pass defense.

BENGALS (5-8, 5-5-1) at 49ERS (3-10, 3-9-1)
The 49ers are 1-5 ATS and their 6-13 ATS at home when they suffer a double digit loss the previous game. They’ve been UNDER in 5 of 6 at home. The Bengals are 6-15 ATS after a SU win against a NFC rival. The Bengals are 1-4 ATS on the road.

CARDS (6-7, 8-4-1) at SAINTS (5-7, 4-8 prior to Monday)
The Saints have been UNDER in their last 5 of 6 and at home their 23-10-1 ATS. The Cardinals are 16-24 ATS on the road after allowing 28pts or more and they’re 4-18 ATS against non divisional rivalries on the road.

TITANS (7-6, 6-7) at CHIEFS (4-9, 6-7)
The Chiefs have been OVER in 39 of 62 in December and they’ve have beaten the spread in 20 of 27 after losing on the road by 14pts or less. The Chiefs are 13-3 ATS at home after allowing 35pts or more the previous game.

COLTS (11-2, 7-4-2) at RAIDERS (4-9, 5-8)
The Raiders are 1-5 ATS at home, 4-17 ATS in December and 9-18 as home dogs. The Colts are 20-6-1 ATS against non divisional rivalries on the road.

The Lions have been UNDER in 15 of 19 on the road when the total has been set between 45 ½ and 49 and they’re 16-6 ATS after five or more straight losses.  The Chargers have beaten the spread 8 straight against good passing teams that have thrown more than 235 YDS per game. They’re 28 of 42 after three or more straight spread wins.


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