Top 5 Most Profitable Sports to Bet On

If you’re keen to dip your toe into the world of online sports betting with websites like Caesars Casino and Sports, but you’re not sure where to start – this is the article for you. While it’s important to always choose sports you know and understand, there are a couple that work out more profitable than others. Today, we’re running through the top five most profitable sports to bet on in 2019.

1 – Soccer

There are a number of advantages to soccer that work in your favour profit-wise. Firstly, there are games being played every day in multiple countries, all of which you can place bets on. Popping a tiny amount on each of the games being played could boost your winnings astronomically. Secondly, soccer offers an incredibly diverse array of betting categories. You can bet on the final score, on specific players performances, on the outcome of penalties, whether anyone will be sent off or given a red card – you can even bet on what colour football boots your favourite player will be wearing. There are a huge number of ways to win, and that can’t fail to keep things interesting.

2 – Horse racing

Horse racing is perhaps the original from of sports betting, and every race meet is a chance to win BIG. While there will certainly be a favourite in every event, the beauty of horse racing is that anything can happen. The short sharp nature of horse racing keeps things exciting, and if you back the winner you could be taking home quite the windfall.

3 – Basketball

As is the case with soccer, basketball is being played all around the world, most days of the week. Plus, in the USA you have college basketball to bet on, which can be incredibly profitable for those that follow the league closely and therefore know the right teams and players to back.

4 – Boxing

Is there any greater sporting arena on Earth than the boxing ring? It’s doubtful. Fights with boxing’s biggest names attract global attention, so naturally you might be one of the millions of people who is keen to back the winner. Boxing is another interesting one to bet on. Again, you can bet on who you think will be victorious, or you can make things more technical and take a chance on what round the fight might reach, or whether it might end in a knockout. MMA and wrestling offer similar levels of excitement, and are fast catching up with boxing in the profitability stakes.

5 – Golf

If you’re clued up on player stats, golf is one of the most predictable (and profitable) sports to bet on. The money lines offered on each player are easy to understand and tend to be reliable for investing purposes. Additionally, you could opt to place consecutive bets on the field category and sit back and watch these small amounts add up to a significant final sum.

When it comes to making a profit on sports betting the most important thing you can do is brush up on your knowledge of the sport. Understanding the skill of players you wish to bet on, will ensure you make informed choices and improve your chances of making a profit.