Is Your Bookie Betting Board Ready For MLB Opening Day?

Adding to the madness of March this year, the new MLB regular season gets underway on Thursday. March 28 will all 30 teams in action. The league used to wait until the first Monday in April to stage its Opening Day festivities, but the change to late March over the past few seasons actually builds even more excitement heading into a full weekend of brand new MLB betting action.

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The NCAA Tournament for men’s basketball is still in full swing with Thursday and Friday’s Sweet 16 Round along with a regular slate of late-season games in the NBA and NHL that could have major playoff implications. This means it is going to take a coordinated effort with your current Pay Per Head bookie software provider to make the most of not only Thursday, but an extremely business sports betting weekend to close out the month of March.

Opportunities such as this do not come around all that often over the course of the sports betting calendar. There is money to be made by staying way out in front of all the daily action on the board. The first step is to employ your price per head shop’s line setting service to fully build out that board.

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Baseball may not be one of your biggest betting sports as compared to college basketball, the NBA and even the NHL right now. However, the last thing you want to do is give any of your sports betting customers a reason to look elsewhere for all the available betting options for MLB’s Opening Day. You may have some bettors that will not place another MLB wager until after the All-Star break in July, but they could be looking for some extra action on Thursday when their favorite MLB team takes the field.

Early MLB futures odds point to another great battle between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in the American League East. Each team is at the top of the list to win this season’s World Series, but they will have their hands full just to lay claim to the division title. The Yankees won 100 games last season and they were still eight games off the pace behind Boston in the final AL East standings.

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One of the big storylines in the National League is Bryce Harper moving from Washington DC to Philadelphia in the NL East. The Phillies are now second-favorites with most MLB betting futures to win the NL Pennant behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. Speaking of the Dodgers, they will not have their ace Clayton Kershaw on the mound in the season opener against Arizona when they begin their quest for a third-straight NL title.

Opening Day in baseball has taken on a life of its own as a separate betting event apart from betting on daily MLB baseball games. Much like NASCAR makes a huge splash by starting its new Cup Series schedule with the Daytona 500 as its biggest event of the season, MLB’s Opening Day creates a similar level of interest. Loading up your betting board with a full set of props for all 15 games is a great way to generate some extra action (and some extra bottom-line profit) for this first initial round of games.

Successfully running and managing your own independent sportsbook with the help of a quality Pay per head bookie service is all about maximizing every special betting opportunity that comes along throughout the year. It does not matter what kind of action you took in on MLB’s Opening Day last year. Your only concern right now is how to make this year’s season openers as lucrative as possible.