The Popularity of Sports Betting All Around The World

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the popularity of something within the country you live in, without realizing that it’s just as popular with the rest of the world as well. Many people don’t fully grasp the popularity of sports betting, for example, which is enjoyed all over the world. 

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why sports betting is so popular, no matter where you are on the globe and some of the countries in which it is most enjoyed.

Why is Sports Betting so Popular? 

There are a number of reasons why sports betting is so popular, including the following:


Sports betting is popular because sporting events themselves are great fun and provide entertainment for every age. Betting on your favorite games only serves to increase the excitement factor, especially playing betting games or sweepstakes with friends or family. 

Chance to Win Money

One of the most obvious reasons for the popularity of sports betting is the chance to earn money through successful bets, although in order to win you’ll need to know the odds. For example, you can check out some of the best sports betting odds available for the NFL at

Variety of Bets

In sports betting, there are a variety of bets available for you to make, each with different odds and different potential returns. There are simpler betting options like single-game bets for those who are just starting out or multiple-game bets which can make the stakes more interesting. 

Digital Betting Options

Now that sports betting is widely available online, it has opened up the market to global success as even in countries where land-based betting is not permitted, some states will still allow online betting.

In What Countries is Sports Betting Most Popular?

Aside from us here in the US, who else loves sports betting as much as we do? 

The UK

The sports betting industry is huge across the pond in the United Kingdom, which mainly stems from the country’s love of football and events such as the Premier League. In fact, many of the worlds’ largest online sports betting sites operate from the UK.


Recent developments in the technology involved in online gambling sites have resulted in a spike in the popularity of sports betting in India. Cricket is a significant motivation for sports betting in this country due to their love of the game. However, it is not legal in every state. 


Another country that has a highly developed sports betting industry is Australia where a large volume of residents engages in sports betting in some way or another. Although sports betting was only legalized in 1980 following on from the legalization of horse race betting in 1810, Australia now enjoys a restriction-free market aside from regulations on how bookies place ads for their sportsbooks. 


Canada also benefits from minimal restrictions when it comes to both land-based and online sports betting which has led to its huge popularity in this country. Canada will allow any legitimate betting company to operate within its borders provided they comply with their tax laws and regulations, as they take a cut of the companies’ profits through tax.

South Africa

Although sports betting only recently became a part of South African culture in 1994, their most developed country now permits online and land-based betting and it has been a booming industry ever since with over 300 sportsbooks now operating there. The residents are practically spoilt for choice! 


Similar to a lot of other African countries, the sports betting industry has only been introduced within the last decade or so. However, these days, the market enjoys the freedom of no restrictions and has a thriving market filled with a high number of sportsbooks. 


Another country with limited restrictions on the betting market is Mexico although anyone under the legal age of 18 is prohibited from gambling. Having only begun in 2004, sports betting is now a successful industry and residents can bet on their favorite sports either online or in one of the numerous land-based casinos operating in the country.