Sports Betting Myths That You Should Be Wary Of

The betting community is large enough that it has, over the years, churned out its own myths and beliefs that many people can fall victim to. Many of them seem to make sense or sound right but this is exactly what makes them so dangerous.

It is hardly worth saying that there is no truth to them. These are nothing but unfounded beliefs that have no basis in reality and have only been passed on by credulous people. To ensure that you safeguard yourself from them, we go through three myths that you should challenge today.

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Bookies have ‘secret’ knowledge

There are many people who believe that bookmakers have some sort of esoteric or secret information that lets them predict to the T how the odds are going to pan out. This is perhaps the most widespread belief that people succumb to.

But the fact of the matter is that there is no such knowledge that bookies possess. They too, like all other players, have to make money based on the information that is available to all. Of course, no bookie will tell how much money they make or how they are able to earn. But that doesn’t mean that they know something that others don’t.

Bettors can rest assured knowing that the odds that they get are legit, but also that they are the best odds that they can get.

Games are rigged

Some people still believe this one to be true. But more often than not, it comes from those who are not in the business of betting themselves. To them, all sports are but a simple form of entertainment where all events are already determined and practiced beforehand for the benefits of the bookies.

Even though there have been instances where some games were fixed, these are nothing but rare incidents. The world of sports is not the same as the betting community. The former is in no way affiliated with the latter industry which is an independent entity and the games are played in real-time without being affected whatsoever by the betting industry.

The public bet is wrong

Bettors will come across many bets in a game that are marked as ‘public’. Many people end up thinking that a public bet is a losing bet while any bet that opposes it is the winning one. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, there is no data or proof to back up the superstitious claims that the side with most bets is going to lose. As is the case with most myths, it arises from those instances when the favorites end up losing the game. Because of such instances, many have come to believe that the popular bet is, more often than not, the losing bet – something that is false and unfounded.


There are various superstitions in the world of betting that one has to be wary of. If you come across a myth that has no basis for existence, it is better to ignore it than to fall a victim to it.