Providers Out There

 Interested in knowing what pay per head (PPH) providers are still thriving in 2021?

 COVID-19 had a big impact on the PPH industry. A lot of bookies simply shutdown once sports were forced to be postponed/cancelled due to the pandemic. This hurt PPH providers as well.

 PPH providers make money when bookies have active players gambling.

Numerous PPH services have had to either close shop or layoff employees in the past year.

Best Pay Per Head Sites 2021

 Here’s the best PPH provider to join in 2021 for the best experience:

  1. Real Bookies ( In business for 15+ years, Real Bookies offers an affordable PPH service with more features than 99% of their competitors.

 Starting at just $10/head (weekly fee for an active bettor), RealBookies offers features that the most expensive services try to charge an arm and a leg for. You’ll save thousands a month in fees.

Even with a small player sheet, the difference between paying $10/head and $25+/head is huge.

Why Is RealBookies the #1 PPH in 2021?

 We’ve already explained how you’ll save money, but there are more important things to discuss.

  • Expertise: They have been in the business for a long time and have had to navigate many difficult times in the industry, which gives them more expertise than most PPH services.

 The team at RealBookies know what it’s like to operate online sportsbooks as well.

  • Continued Development: RealBookies adds new features regularly and the software is still under development. Most PPH sites haven’t updated their software suite in years.

 One of the new features implemented by the team at RealBookies is online poker.

Online bookies will now be able to run online poker cash games and/or tournaments. If you have a group of local guys betting with you, hosting a weekly/monthly tournament is great for business.

You make a bit on the rake, but more importantly, you build relationships/loyalty with your players.

 I can guarantee you won’t need to find another pay per head after joining RealBookies.

Finding Value When Searching for a PPH

 The last thing a new bookie should do is spend thousands investing on software, website design, servers and employees. Start small and increase as the business dictates.

If you only end up sourcing ten players, you don’t want to have thousands invested in infrastructure that you need to maintain. PPH services allow you to pay one low fee for each active player.

 In the case a registered player doesn’t make a bet that week, you pay nothing for them.

There are still a lot of providers out there, but most aren’t even worth a second look. If you want the best pay per head at an affordable cost then look no further than RealBookies.

 You can even get started today with an exclusive four-week free trial.

Don’t pay anything for a month!