Betting Software for You

Betting software has changed a lot in recent years.

The players at the top of the game are constantly innovating and adding new features. It can be easy to stay with a betting software provider you’re familiar with, but it could be costing you.

Has your betting software seen any meaningful updates in the last year?

A lot of betting software suites haven’t seen any updates in years. If you’re losing players, one of the top reasons is because you’re using old betting software that’s missing too many features.

Best Betting Software for 2021

 The most robust betting software in 2021 is developed by RealBookies.

You need betting software that you can trust and that your players will be able to enjoy. Bettors are fussy and aren’t going to stick around long if you’re using outdated betting software.

Here are a few of the reasons we’re recommending RealBookies in 2021:

  • Online Poker: What other white label betting software offers poker software for free? You know what’s nice about poker? You make money on every hand with the rake.

While growing your betting sheet, you’re not going to have many guys playing cash games I’m sure, but hosting tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool can get players in seats.

Use this time to ask how your players are doing and what they like/dislike about your business.

  • eSports / Sports Sims: Two growing betting segments are eSports and sports sims. Both of these markets have less competition and can prove to be very profitable.

What happens if sports are cancelled again? Sports simulation betting went up massively during the last sports shutdown because of COVID-19 and turnover is still holding strong.

Make sure you have all of your bases covered, so you’re never left not making money.

  • Reputation/Experience: Operating for 20+ years, RealBookies has 1000+ bookies working with them. With those types of numbers, you know they’re the best bet in town.

With an experienced team behind you, you’ll be able to run your private bookie securely.

No experience? No worries. RealBookies will help get your account set-up instantly and then they’ll develop your website. All you need to do is open accounts for the players on your betting sheet.

  • Call Center: Not many white label betting software services have a full service call center. What does this mean? It means your players can call a clerk 24/7.

Your players can receive day-to-day support from the call center, but more importantly, they can call in wagers. If your players are stuck without the internet, they simply call in their bets.

This is a feature that will give you a leg up on the rest of the competition. You’ll also appear more professional by having 24/7 English-speaking support for all of your players at no extra cost.

If you’re looking for the best betting software in 2021, look no further than RealBookies.

They’re so confident in the product they offer that you can test drive the betting software free for four weeks. After that, you pay one low weekly fee with no contact/commitments.