NFL Week Three – A Glance at Who’s Hot

Now that the NFL is in full swing and entering the full 3rd week, there isn’t a better time to examine who’s for real and who the pretenders are. There have been some great games to this point and some big surprises such as the Browns and even the Chiefs. If you have yet to find a great NFL players bonus, then jump in before the weekend and load up. Now is the time to make a pile of money while utilizing a fantastic bonus. Why not use the bookies money to beat them at their own game?

Who’s worthy of a look this week?

Indianapolis Colts:

Look, we realize that the Colts are probably not the popular pick this week and for that very reason, we are picking them to stay close in this game! More often than not, the NFL spreads are set based on public perception, and the public perception is that the Eagles will destroy the Colts and destroy everybody now that Carson Wentz is back. Obviously, the Eagles are a great football team and it will take a great football team to beat them in Philly. Carson Wentz put the Eagles on the map last season and his play was responsible for giving Nick Foles and the Eagles a chance. What did they do with that chance? They won the Super Bowl!

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Can the Eagles win the Super Bowl again this year? Yes, why not? With Wentz and Foles in tandem, they have the weapons around them to be a force and in the NFC East, they will definitely be a force and easily win the division. Having said that, where does all of this fit into Sunday’s game against Indianapolis? It’s a tough place for the Eagles for a couple of reasons. The Eagles opened the season playing host to the Atlanta Falcons and their defense was stellar. They held the Falcons to 12 points and went on to win 18-12. The real story in this game was the lack of offense. It’s difficult to say that a Super Bowl winning quarterback was not ready to start the season, but he wasn’t ready! The Eagles won last season based on a balanced attack and extremely consistent play in the playoffs from Foles. What’s the difference this year? Teams are game planning, they are figuring Foles out and he is a target. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers figured it out last week to the tune of a 27-21 win!

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Wentz will be back but think how long it’s been since he has taken a live snap. It’s been a while and any quarterback will need a game or two in order to find their seas legs. We are not saying that Carson is not capable of finding them in this first game back, however, it’s unlikely. With the way the Eagles have struggled on offense, they are going to be relying on their defense against the Colts. The Colts looked very good last week against the Redskins and held them to just 9 points, in Washington. The defensive effort from the Colts was to be applauded especially in light of the way in which they folded against the Bengals at home in week one.

Andrew Luck has found his seas legs, exactly what Carson Wentz will need to find. Now, look at this game from this perspective. Before last season, when Luck and Wentz were both playing, who would you have picked to win the game with the Eagles laying 6 ½ points? Andrew Luck will make an impact this year and don’t listen to anyone that says otherwise. Luck is still a great quarterback and TY Hilton is still one of the best weapons in football. Frank Reich has made the offseason moves to tighten up the offensive line and the defense is enough better to definitely make things interesting.

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Prediction: This game has all the earmarks of an under the total of 47 and we think the Colts keep it close. We are not saying to jump on the money line. The Eagles will most likely find a way to pull out a close one at home. Check with your bookie for the latest numbers and jump in for what’s sure to be a great game. Good Luck.