NBA Finals: The Top Final Games of All Time

The Greatest Final Games in the History of NBA

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Top All-Time NBA Final Games

Boston Celtics vs Phoenix Suns (June 4, 1976)

One of the craziest finals of the professional National Basketball Association (NBA) was a close battle between the Suns and the Celtics that took shape in the 1976 finals. Game 5 of this final drove everyone nuts. The 5th period started with both teams tied at 95 points. It had many controversial calls, last-minute heroics, and missed calls. It was a very close match that kept the audience to the edge of the seats. Boston Celtics got through with a very slender margin of 128 to 126. If you are interested in knowing about the best basketball odds for the top NBA teams, then please click here.

Game 6 of Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls (June 14, 1998)

This was the second consecutive meeting of these two teams in the NBA finals. The Chicago Bulls were the winners in 1997 with the heroics of Michael Jordan. The Jazz was looking for revenge this time around. But, it was not to be as Jordan was at his A-game once again. The game was in the grasp of Utah with a score of 86–83 and just 40 seconds of play left. Jordan had other plans and brought the Chicago side within one point. Jazz owned the ball with 20 seconds remaining. Michael pulled up his bag of tricks and stole the ball from Malone. With a few passes and dribbles, he jumped high to score a shot to put the Bulls in the lead with 5 seconds remaining. Jazz could not get another shot in return, and the Bulls took the 1998 title.

San Antonio Spurs Loses to Miami Heat (Game 6, 2013)

Spurs had one hand on the 2013 NBA title, and the officials were already ready with the yellow rope for the Spurs victory. However, Heats and Ray Allen had other plans in mind. Allen pulled out a remarkable 3 point shot from the right corner with just 5.2 seconds left. The play went to overtime, and the Heat was able to keep the Spurs at bay during the OT to lift the title.

Well, there are many other great and surprising wins made by the teams to lift the NBA finals title.