McCollum Eclipses 50-Point Barrier Again

McCollum became the seventh player in Blazers history to score 50 points. He is the second player in the shot clock era to score 50 or more in less than 30 minutes. Last season Klay Thompson became the first, in a game that was madly efficient and was over before it really began. He destroyed the Bulls in the first quarter for a franchise record of 28 points and essentially ended the game after 12 minutes. At this period that’s when he scored four threes and he was having a very hard time missing from anywhere. Did you know that yebocasino online casino you can place your bets at your favourite club, play or on non-athletic events and stand a chance to win big

After that barrage, McCollum only scored four points in the second quarter and finished half of it rested. He returned with a punch and added another 18 in the third quarter. After draining a pair of free throws at the end of the quarter he landed right on 50. Since he hit it that early it meant that he wouldn’t return for better or worse. In the fourth quarter, the Moda Center was overwhelmed by chants (“We want C.J”). Even though the fans were going crazy, Terry Stotts opted to keep McCollum on the bench.

If there are basketball players who can do magic tricks in the court McCollum is surely one of them. McCollum can work magic with the ball in his hands but has also become one of the NBA’s top players working off screens, if you would like to place a bet on NBA visit site and stand a chance to win big . He paired with Damian Lillard which made a great difference in his gameplay because his game has since evolved for the better due to their pairing.

He might not be one of the All-Stars this season, but he surely is one of the league’s sneaky elite scorers. McCollum’s newfound membership in the 50-point club which says it all. Maybe soon he will have a real money casino game dedicated to him like all the other basketball legends.