Making the Right Bets in Roulette

Roulette is a much-loved casino classic that millions of players enjoy the world over. With the popularity of online gambling expanding, casinos are available at the click of a few buttons. Roulette enthusiasts can try their hand at roulette online at The following are some popular roulette betting strategies.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale system has been around for centuries and is a popular betting strategy for casino lovers. They can apply this well-known strategy to roulette as well. The basis of the Martingale strategy is a low opening bet. If players win, the next bet stays low as well. However, if they lose their first bet, they double the next wager they put down.

This is to (hopefully) win back each previous loss in the next bets to come. Losing effectively means players double their bets until they are lucky enough to win. The Martingale strategy follows a pattern of 1-2-4-8 and so on with each loss.

The Fibonacci Strategy

Many people have heard of the Fibonacci sequence, but there is a Fibonacci betting strategy used for roulette, as well. This betting strategy follows the Fibonacci number sequence, where each number is a product of the two preceding numbers.

Players bet on even money, which is red or black, or high or low. If they start with a $1 bet and they win their bet, their series ends. If they lose their bet, however, they mark this loss in a single line each time, starting from one. If the player continues to win, they cross out the previous two numbers from the specific line.

Their next bet is then equivalent to the first bet from the scratched out numbers. This way, their wins are reimbursed by the last two losses.

The ⅔ Strategy

This is probably one of the most straightforward betting strategies to use since it’s based on the theory of probability. This strategy, however, can only be used online if players can skip spins. In roulette, you have 37 sections with a corresponding number from 0-36. The ⅔ betting strategy counts one round as 37 spins.

Statistically, it’s said that ⅔ of all the numbers win, which would be 24 out of the 37 numbers. But some numbers might win more than once. Players record the winning numbers for each spin up to the 28th. However, there needs to be at least one repeat of the winning number during the 26-28 spins. If this doesn’t happen, they start again in the next round.

The James Bond Strategy

James Bond has won his hand at roulette many times over, now players can follow in his footsteps. For this strategy, players must have a healthy-looking bankroll, with at least $200.

It involves high bets for high values, starting from 19, of around $140. The lower values from 13-18 will only be $50. Any numbers from 1-12 that win will mean players lose their bet. They can use the remaining amount to bet on the zero for backup. If they lose outside of the 1-12 rule, they double their next bet.

The Dozen Strategy

The basis of this strategy is another simple one to follow. In a roulette table, there are three dozens, namely 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. Players’ chances of winning might be increased if they look to bet on either the first, second, or third dozen. The payout is effectively 1:3 thanks to this betting strategy, so players receive $3 for each $1 winning bet. If they happen to lose their bet, each successive bet is doubled from the previous.