Live Roulette Rules and Instructions for Beginners

Playing in a live casino is absolutely delightful. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, because there are no opening hours or dress code to play Live Roulette. If you can name one drawback at all, it is the atmosphere, which of course, cannot be equal to that of a real casino.

Live Roulette is a rather new invention of well-known software companies. They have set themselves the goal of moving away from a little from the digital version of the game and using real tables and live dealer roulette to create the atmosphere of the real casino a bit better. Sometimes this is already very successful, and every technological advance brings users closer to the realistic gaming experience.

After all, the operators of Live Roulette tables are very keen to make the ambiance in their rooms as pleasant as possible. For many players, however, this real casino feeling that is missing here is still a reason to decide against playing in the Live Online Casino. Today we would like to mention a few points that speak in favor of reconsidering their own decision. After all, it is absolutely advantageous to play at home. Why? We will reveal in this article.

Play Live Roulette Online – The First Steps

  • Registration is generally required. Once this has been completed, Live Roulette can be opened among many different Live Games with a single click. The game usually starts immediately.
  • The wagering spot is positioned at the bottom of the screen. Here you can place chips to your heart’s content. Further up, there is now the possibility to watch the real Live Croupier at work. It is announced when the betting period expires. Being fast is especially worthwhile in American Roulette because this version runs much faster than the European version.
  • This is followed by the broadcast of the immersive roulette wheel via webcam. So you can immediately follow where the ball stops. All winnings are now distributed, the house automatically collects losses.
  • You have to consider that Live Roulette online runs much faster than you are used to in local casinos. So a little practice won’t hurt you.
  • To make the flair perfect, many Live Roulette casinos have set up a chat. It enables interaction with the dealer and, in some cases, with other gamers.

Important Notes On Live Roulette Online

If you have already dealt with digital online roulette, you will immediately notice that there are some differences in the game speed. At the real table, not everyone plays for themselves. That’s why it sometimes takes a while until all participants have placed their bets. The time limit is set by the house and must be observed.

If you decide quickly, you will need a little patience. Don’t worry: you won’t have to wait for hours for all players to choose. The next round takes place as soon as the croupier closes the betting window. As the live roulette is truly wagered in real-time, the subsequent round may likewise be entered with a few minutes lag. New participants can only join in once the round is finished.

In the real money online casino market, you will find various providers. They offer first-class Live Roulette tables – and even in different versions. The croupiers and the casinos (we’ll mention below) themselves are licensed and monitored by reliable authorities. Of course, live streaming also plays a decisive role. Providers such as Mr Green Casino, the 888 Casino, or you Eurogrand ensure high quality. Basically, the Live Roulette tables are perfect copies of a real casino. The only difference is that the chips are placed virtually – just like the tip.

What should you keep in mind when playing Live Roulette?

Before choosing a Live Roulette Casino, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few facts about the game. For example, there are certain rules regarding registration and betting. Here is a brief outline:

Live dealers at the Roulette table

Dealers oversee all the Live Roulette tables. They are not amateurs, but experienced personnel who have been specially trained for this job. The guidelines and chances are similar to those of local gambling establishments. Training in this industry takes several years and demands the highest level of mathematical skill from the croupiers.

Registration without risk

Registration to online live roulette sites is basically free – at least if you choose a reputable provider. However, live casino games are not generally being played for free. If you want to get to know Live Roulette, you should register a real money account and make a deposit right away. In most cases, bets from 50 cents are sufficient. Especially due to the enormous differences in table limits, a direct comparison is worthwhile. Here is an overview of the best Live Roulette casinos.

Won or not – the display

Live Roulette is also equipped with a digital display. It directly reveals which gamer has won and how much. So you always keep track of what you have won at the Live Table.

Live Dealer Roulette of your choice – does that exist?

In fact, after some time at the Live Roulette Casino, you have discovered your personal favorite among the croupiers. Many a lady is just particularly likable. The operators of the casinos are, of course, aware of this fact. Some of them have reacted directly and at least offer players the possibility to add favorites to a list.

If the preferred croupier is at the table, the guest will be informed and can, of course, start playing immediately. It is similar to preferred roulette variants. There are a few live casinos that do not have all games active at the same time. If the favorite game is opened, there is also short info – by mail or sometimes even by SMS.

Bonus offers for the Live Roulette game 2020

They may be rare, but they are real: bonuses, especially for fans of Live Roulette and other live casino games. If you want to secure extra credits, you should pay attention to one thing above all: the possibility to wager a standard bonus at Live Roulette tables. Usually, only a small percentage of the wager is allotted to the implementation.

If you want to reach the goal faster, you can search our pages specifically for live casino promotions. Providers such as William Hill are known to inspire friends of the real game with offers that are specially tailored to the tables and are subject to fair conditions.

Is there any option to play Live Roulette while moving?

We live in a time where smartphones and tablets are indispensable. That is why the trend today is towards mobile gaming. And indeed, many a live casino operator has already succeeded in implementing the mobile version technologically. Evolution live roulette is one of the most frequently found mobile classics, and their live speed roulette is currently considered as the world’s fastest live dealer online roulette.