How to Use Pinnacle’s Odds to Make Tips and Predictions

Not all bookmakers are cut from the same cloth. The vast majority are only interested in taking bets from customers they are somewhat sure will be long term losers. As soon as they suspect that there is a slight chance a customer is an advantage bettor, these bookmakers will make sure to only accept very small wagers from this customer or even worse, they will take no bets at all.

Pinnacle and a few other betting companies are different. Why is this? Why do a few bookmakers stand out and treat all customers in a similar way? Why will these bookmakers not limit your stakes even if you are a big winner or an arbitrage punter?

The short answer is, because they employ a different strategy.

Most bookmakers are brilliant at marketing and at attracting new customers. They are always inventing new schemes to attract recreational customers. The other group of bookmakers, which Pinnacle belongs to, use another business model. Instead of constantly coming up with new and clever marketing, these betting companies are good at getting the odds for the betting propositions right. They use the action of the skilled customers actively, to ensure that their odds contains much fewer betting propositions with expected value.

Bookmakers like Pinnacle are fine with making a smaller margin on the bets they take. They try to make up for this by getting a larger turnover.

Because Pinnacle are happy to accept action from knowledgeable and winning customers as well as arbitrage punters, they obtain much more relevant information for evaluating the true chances of the various outcomes. This is why they are able to price their markets better and why their odds will reflect the true probabilities of the various outcomes much better than the odds of the other type of bookmaker.

That Pinnacle’s odds on average is sharper is also the reason why Pinnacle is not afraid of sure-win punters. They know that in the long run such punters are much more likely to win with the other betting company and lose with Pinnacle.

As most betting companies know that Pinnacle’s prices are much sharper, they tend to copy any odds movements from Pinnacle very quickly. However, as there is an abundance of both markets and betting companies, there will more or less all the time be some bookmakers who are slow adjusting for some larger odds movements. The good thing is that you as a customer can take advantage of this.

Joseph Buchdahl, the author of books like; Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks (2016), How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar (2013) and Fixed Odds Sports Betting (2002), has more or less give you a blueprint of how you can attain value of Pinnacle’s closing odds. In short you can use the superior accuracy of Pinnacle’s odds to build a profitable betting system.

Another way you can use Pinnacle’s odds is to find websites with profitable tipsters who will often make Pinnacle betting tips and predictions. If the tipsters are using Pinnacle’s odds in their tips and predictions, it means you can follow them without any fear of having your betting account limited, as Pinnacle does not limit winning customers.

Luckily it seems that all the tipsters at Godsofodds will only launch tips for Pinnacle and Deepsportsanalysis also have a lot of betting predictions with Pinnacle.

You should not focus solely on following tipsters. If you are knowledgeable about the dynamics of a sport or league, getting access to good insights and information can be enough to provide you with an edge.

Even if icehockeytips does not seem to offer any betting tips at all, this site is an excellent source of ice hockey tips and predictions.

There is a near infinite supply of similar sites providing good information. Getting hold of good information is not hard at all. However, it is important to realize that most of the information will already be fully assimilated into the market prices. To actually understand how to use the information and which angles are not yet accounted for by the betting markets requires profound skill.