How Does Scanning Technology Help NBA Players Make Free Throws?

The impact of new technologies on sport progress is undeniable. If you believe sports is not the field that is covered by technology, you are mistaken. Even NBA players are not deprived of this option. Scanning became a normal practice in this sport. Although playing in the NBA supposes everyone possesses incredible skills and experience, technology plays its role for every player on the basketball court, as well as his productivity. 

Tracking athletes to get actual data and visualize it for both coaches and athletes is one of the biggest technological movements affecting modern sports. NBA is highly affected by the player tracking. The league is intended to track every player on the court and the path of the ball in each game on all the NBA courts. Unique technological innovations are currently used to transmit data in accurate and convenient analytics for teams. They also ensure the most pleasant experience for all basketball fans. 

Moreover, players may sign contract regularly. Clubs have too many such agreements and most papers nowadays are signed online. Most of them use a Mobile Document Scanner for iPhone that boosts and facilitates the process a lot. The iPhone scan document tool allows them to use e-signature that ensures the safety of all documents and shares them with anyone quickly. The app allows you to scan the document, sign contract, store it on your phone, and then send it to anyone you wish. 

The scanning process is really fast and lets them save plenty of time on signing papers and arranging drafts from one team to another one. The company based in Los Angeles, California already submitted its technology to a few play-off NBA teams this year. The science of scanning allows them to get a deeper image of the basketball play. This data may change sports forever. They ensure personalization, interaction, and new machine-based algorithms of sports understanding.

Scanning technology in NBA

Technology allows a player to scan the court. It scans the movement and location of players during the game of a competitor. Then, between games, the tactics are changed, as well as the players’ location. It allows them to attack effectively. It also may help increase percent of free throws by giving a chance to study the average location of players when bouncing for the further attack in the case when the ball didn’t get into the ring. 

These new technologies may affect the overall NBA scene and multi-million contracts signed by its players. The app and software may provide teams with tons of data that was not accessible before. They will allow teams to analyze their players and compare them to the rest of the league participants. 

However, such facilitation of image recognition is not the only drastic change for sports. It has a large potential for all real situations that are related to action and motion. Such science allows us to move faster and progress quickly. 

Motion sensors in NBA

Motion sensor technology has been used for evaluating motion patterns when it comes to newbies in the NBA. This allows revealing dysfunctions and disbalance to predict potential traumas. Zephyr Technology Corp based in Maryland creates a bio helmet that helps coaches view all indicators of training. For instance, they can track heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, acceleration, and other indicators. All data is transmitted to computers, tablets, and phones in real-time mode. 

Such devices have a GPS, an accelerometer to control stops and starts, a gyroscope to measure the bending and twisting of the body, as well as a magnetometer to determine orientation. NBA newbies are tracked to have their dysfunctions and imbalances revealed on time. Currently, such technologies can be used only while training at the NBA level. The National Basketball Association should sign a collective agreement to use technology when playing. It would be very valuable indeed.

Technology changes in NBA

The NBA along with all its clubs is especially happy with new technologies and ideas. Advanced analytics, wearable technology, and other innovations are regular in the league. All these innovations change the way people watch and play the game. Business NBA operations have also been affected by them. 

Players, coaches, and teams use social media to be in touch with their fans. They also use such tools as Google Docs, Dropbox, and Slack to collaborate. Mobile devices allowed fans to watch their favorite teams from any time in the world and express themselves through video games and social media. 

By the way, fans also keep in touch with their teams without attending the games thanks to Apple Watch which was launched back in 2014. It allows them to send messages, call, and use the Internet. Such technology is just a little part of the big changes we all are going to observe in the NBA’s future.