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Pay per head is a term in the betting industry where companies offer a fully inclusive website with various betting options each day which is used by agents who book action on these sporting events.  These services provide all the lines and the website to make the wagers on and generally cost a small fee per head or per player that uses the website each week.

The average price in the industry is generally around a price of $10 per active player per week, and you only get charged for that player if the player has an actual graded wager that week. So for example, if an agent has 20 players but only 10 players actually have graded wagers that week then the agent would only get charged for those 10 player accounts that week.  After that, there are no other fees and the way the agents make money is when players lose on wagers.  So for example, if 10 players lose a total of $5,000 in a week then the agent would collect and keep the $5,000 and then he would just need to pay a total of $100 that week for those 10 players.

So then what does free pay per head mean?

Well, companies such as give new signups a chance to try out their pay per head website for free for a specified period of time. Ace Per Head allows new agents to try their website and service for free for 4 days which allows the agents the chance to get their players acclimated with the website and also gives the agent the chance to immediately start making money on the site without having to put up an initial deposit.  So just in those 4 days, the players could easily lose a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.

After the first 4 free days then Ace will require a deposit and the deposit is just so the account will be prepaid and it will go directly towards the Agent’s balance on his account with Ace.  The minimum deposit is only $50; however Ace also has the best startup promotions in terms of the amount of free weeks that they offer.

The best promotion with the most free weeks they have is the 6-week free promotion, which is when the Bookie Agent sends a deposit of $500 and then they will get the first week free of each month for 6 months for a total of 6 free weeks. Regardless of how many players play during the allotted free weeks all of those players will be free that week.

In addition, there are two other free week promotions at Ace that can be taken advantage of for new signups which are the 4 free week promotion that is received if the agent sends a $300 initial deposit. This works the same way with the first week free of each month for 4 months for a total of 4 free weeks.  The last free week promo is if the agent sends $150 and then they will receive one free week. Also, whichever of these deposit amounts are sent it will go directly towards the balance and will be used in full the weeks that the agent is billed for the service. Call Ace Per Head at 1-800-909-5193 now to get set up with one of their free pay per head promotions.

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