Fourth and Long – Week 5 Bills vs Browns Free Pick

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By Mike Ivcic, UltimateCapper Contributing Writer

After four weeks, it’s time for the first edition of the Ultimate Capper power rankings. In keeping with the format, we’ll divide the league into four categories – elite contenders, outside contenders, battling for the playoffs, and competing for the top overall pick. We’ll go in reverse order, saving our best for fourth down – pretty much exactly the opposite of the Atlanta Falcons. And on that note, we’ve got the ball and it’s time for first down.


First Down
Chasing The Number One Pick
32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4)
31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4)
30. New York Giants (0-4)
29. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4)
28. Oakland Raiders (1-3)
27. Carolina Panthers (1-2)
26. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3)
25. New York Jets (2-2)
As bad as the Giants and Steelers have looked, this is still Jacksonville’s top pick to lose. As far as offenses go, they are brutal. It’s a lot like the Eagles, just the total opposite. And don’t let those 2 wins fool you – there’s no way this Jets team makes the playoffs.

Second Down
Fringe Playoff Contenders
24. Arizona Cardinals (2-2)
23. St. Louis Rams (1-3)
22. Buffalo Bills (2-2)
21. Minnesota Vikings (1-3)
20. Atlanta Falcons (1-3)
19. Cleveland Browns (2-2)
18. Washington Redskins (1-3)
17. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
Most of these teams are included because their division is relatively weak (AFC East, NFC East, and AFC North). They’re not necessarily good, just fortunate to still be in the hunt. Expect to see this group thin out significantly as the season goes along.

Third Down
Legitimate Playoff Contenders, Super Bowl Darkhorses
16. San Diego Chargers (2-2)
15. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2)
14. Houston Texans (2-2)
13. Baltimore Ravens (2-2)
12. Tennessee Titans (3-1)
11. Miami Dolphins (3-1)
10. Green Bay Packers (1-2)
9. Chicago Bears (3-1)
8. Detroit Lions (3-1)
7. Kansas City Chiefs (4-0)
The largest group goes from San Diego, who could easily be 3-1 or 4-0, to the most surprising undefeated team in the league in Kansas City, with a wide spectrum in between. It would be a mild shock if anyone in this group won the Super Bowl this year based solely upon each team’s performance thus far, though there are clearly some teams (Chicago, Green Bay, and Houston) that would be significantly less stunning than, say, Miami or the Chiefs.


Fourth Down
Legitimate Super Bowl Contenders
6. San Francisco 49’ers (2-2)
5. Indianapolis Colts (3-1)
4. New England Patriots (4-0)
3. Seattle Seahawks (4-0)
2. New Orleans Saints (4-0)
1. Denver Broncos (4-0)
I’ve made my dislike of Seattle on the road quite clear, and I think the Saints, right now, win on a neutral field. But no one on this list touches the Broncos, who have been even more dominant than the 2007 New England Patriots team that became the first team ever to reach 18-0. Just like the top pick is Jacksonville’s to lose, so, too, is the Super Bowl for Manning and Co. in Denver.

And Long…
Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns
Thu, 8:30pm, NFLN
Line: Browns by 4
No team scored a more surprising win last weekend than Cleveland… unless maybe, it was Buffalo. It appeared entering Sunday that the Ravens and Bengals were poised to establish themselves as the frontrunners for the AFC North title, but instead both left the weekend 2-2 – and tied with the Browns for first place, thanks to the two teams playing in this game. Now Cleveland will put that first place standing to the test against a Bills team that could easily be 4-0, but could also just as easily be 0-4. Buffalo has played four games all decided by a touchdown or less – including a 1-point win, 2-point loss, and 3-point win – and all four games were tied or saw a lead change in the fourth quarter. With that in mind, I think 4 is too high of a line here, even though I love the Browns to win this game, especially considering all of the recent momentum in Cleveland between the Browns and the Indians.
Pick: Cleveland 24, Buffalo 21


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