Finding the Best Legal UK Online Casino Sites in 2019

If “variety is the spice of life,” online casino gamblers have to be the happiest people in the UK. Over the past 10 years, the online casino gambling industry has been on a growth trajectory right up to the stars. On top of that, there doesn’t appear to be any end in site as nation after nation moves towards the legalization of online casino gambling.

As an online casino gambling enthusiast, you need to take advantage of the hundreds if not thousands of UK casino sites you have at your disposal. The industry has become so competitive that the player has great influence. Your job is to make sure you locate the best online casinos that will give you the best online casino gambling experience. To help you in this endeavor, we would like to offer you some useful tips on how to find legit UK online casinos.

Emphasis on Licensing

Nothing will destroy a casino player’s enthusiasm for playing online casino games faster than encountering a rogue online operator. They might offer the most attractive odds and the most robust bonuses, but come payment time, poof, your money is gone in the wind. If a rogue site is operating illegally out of range of the UK authorities, you’ll have no recourse.

To avoid this, you’ll want to limit your search to websites that are licensed and regulated by regulatory agencies like the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Gaming Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. Online casino websites that are able to maintain licenses from these agencies must stay in good standing. That means no payment issues and compliance with fair gaming regulations. Any website that cannot demonstrate these credentials should be avoided.

Using Watchdog Review Websites

With the online casino industry growing at break-neck speed, it’s highly recommended that you read reviews from at least one if not two online casino watchdog websites like Casinomeister.

Before you put your faith in any review, you’ll want to find out if the review site has any affiliation or sponsorship agreement with any of the websites being reviewed by the reviewer. It’s nearly impossible to get a fair review from a website that has a built-in bias for some sites and against others.

If you focus on watchdog sites that offer fair reviews, the good online casinos will be very apparent. You’ll want to focus on several areas of any given review. First and foremost, turn your immediate attention to the customer comments section, usually located at the bottom of any given review. The comments from actual users have more value than anything a site reviewer might have to offer.

As for studying a review, you should focus mostly on commentary made about the banking process (payment efficiency), customer service comments and bonuses. While game selection might seem important, most online casinos in operation today will offer similar gaming libraries.

It only takes one rogue website to take your money and run. If you use the above information as a guideline, you will likely find a terrific online casino to call home.