Customize Bets | What Clients are Searching For

Today’s betting client has become much more sophisticated than ever before, and if you want to appeal to them then you had better offer them the gambling goods. They are looking for specific bets, and specific sports teams to bet on. They know what and who, but often local bookies can’t give them the opportunity. What opportunity? The opportunity to gamble on what they want to gamble on, and when they want to gamble. Folks, the pandemic may be nearing an official end, but bettors have become comfortable with the new way of doing things. They like and want their privacy, and they love the idea of gambling 24/7. You should love it too. You need clients that want to bet at all hours of the day and night, but you can’t possibly accommodate them as a local bookmaker. Now you can with a pay per head. Stop killing yourself, stop selling yourself short, and stop short changing your clients. Get in while the opportunity is available for free.

  • Here is what we know: We know that your clients want to gamble on their time and not on yours. They could care less about your schedule, when you are available, or how it might inconvenience you to call at 3:00 am with a bet. They will leave you and find someone else that is open for business if you are not.
  • Don’t misunderstand, we are not saying that your clients don’t like you or they want to bet with another bookie, but before you can understand a betting client you must understand gambling itself. Your clients want nothing more than to spend their last gambling penny with you, in your book, but they’re not going to do it if you are not available. They will find someone that is. We realize that you can’t be available 24/7, that would be impossible. It’s impossible without an online presence, with an online sportsbook, practically everything is possible!
  • If you care about giving your clients a customized gaming experience then you must find a pay per head that is offering a free gaming website and get online today. With a pay per head, you will have the opportunity to offer your clients what they can get with any of the largest and best online sportsbooks.
  • The premier per head providers on the internet are now offering a package deal that includes a state-of-the-art sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style virtual casino, and a world-class racebook. Not only are they offering all of this in a package deal, but they are also offering to custom-build your gaming website for free.
  • The PPH is willing to give you a gaming website that offers an unbeatable user interface, and a huge wagering menu, along with every sport under the sun. This platform is the bookie, they do all of the bookies work so that you don’t have to, and guess what? It’s open 24/7. When your players want to play all they have to do is login and start gambling. Your players will have 24/7 gaming access and can gamble with or without you, but the one constant, they are filling your pockets with profit.
  • The sportsbook offers all of the best scenarios in gambling with a huge menu of prop wagers, and every way possible when it comes to putting bets together. The casino offers more than 100-games that your players know and love as well as live dealers. Last but not least – you get a state-of-the-art racebook which features more than 75-tracks from around the world.

Your players want more than what you can give them as a local bookie. The good news, you can be online with your bookmaking operation in a day or two and it won’t cost you one penny in upfront money. This bookie gig is a grind, why grind and make no money? There is a better way to keep clients in the fold and it’s with the use of a pay per head, For around $10 per head, per week, you can now earn a six-figure income. It’s time to take control of your business and your life, call the PPH. More information at:pay per head firms can customize betting lines accordingly