College Football National Championship 2019 Clemson Tigers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

The 2018-19 NCAA College Football season has been nothing short of spectacular. It has indeed been one for the ages and when looking at the Championship Game between Clemson and Alabama, we see a lot of stars, a lot of fire power and a lot of defense. We see it all with these two and there are definitely not two better teams to represent, in the title game

Clemson Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Preview and Predictions

The first thing that one must do when evaluating a team’s record is to examine the strength of schedule. Who had the more difficult schedule? It would take 12 pages of story line to handicap every team that Alabama or Clemson played this past season, so, in the interest of time we will present you with who Alabama and Clemson played and the final score.

Alabama: The Tide started off in grand fashion with a win over Louisville, 51-14, Arkansas State 57-7, Ole Miss, 62-7, #22 Texas A&M 45-23, Louisiana 56-14, Arkansas 65-31, Missouri 39-10, Tennessee 58-21, #3 LSU 29-0, #16 Mississippi State 24-0, The Citadel 50-17, Auburn 52-21, #4 Georgia 35-28.

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Attention: For those people that say Alabama has played nobody; that a pile of hooey! Don’t listen to that. Those folks are simply Alabama haters and they do not know what they are talking about. Alabama beat a number 3, a number 4, and a number 16, not only did they beat the numbers 3 and 16 teams, they shut both of them out! They shut down LSU 29-0. Georgia was their best competition with a 35-28 win.

Clemson: The Tigers started the season with a soft opponent, as did Alabama, this one, even softer in Furman- and the result, a 48-7 beatdown. They went on to win 13 more on their way to an undefeated season against Texas A&M 28-26, Georgia Southern 38-7, Georgia Tech 49-21, Syracuse, 27-23, Wake Forest 63-3, #16 NC State 41-7, Florida State 59-10, Louisville 77-16, #17 Boston College 27-7, Duke 35-6, South Carolina 56-35, and Pittsburgh, 42-10. The Tigers beat one ranked team and came close, very close to losing to unranked Texas A&M and Syracuse. From there on out, they rolled and they had some big wins against some ok programs but unranked, with exception of NC State, and they smacked the #16 NC State to the tune of 41-7. That was easily their best win of the season, the Louisville win was huge with 77 points and even bigger than Alabama’s win over Lousiville-51-14.

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The Bottom Line:

Alabama is scoring 47.7 points per game and allowing 14.8. Clemson is scoring 44.3 and allowing 13.7. Both teams have an outstanding running game and outstanding quarterbacks. Alabama with Tua Tagovaiola (3671 yards 41 TD’s 4 Int’s), Clemson with Trevor Lawrence, who by the way, did not start every game this year and got the nod after the Bryant debacle… Lawrence has been outstanding, and beyond stellar for a freshman and will be even better next season. He comes in with 2933 yards and 27 TD’s against 4 INT’s.

Alabama is rushing for 202 yards per game and Clemson with 256.3, the Tide are allowing 117 yards on the ground to Clemson’s 92! Let’s make this clear, Clemson is allowing 92 rushing yards per game. The running game for Clemson is better than Alabama’s and their defense against the run is also better.

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This one will go to the last play of the game and could even go to overtime. However, in the end, Alabama finds a way and holds off the Tigers for Nicks 6th Championship with the Tide.

Prediction: The spread is too close to call. Play this one— Alabama Money line.