Bookies | This is the Way You Solve Your Problems

Dear Bookies:

An open letter to you – the stepped on. A lot of people have a lot of things to say about many different topics. The gambling industry is no different. A lot of people have a lot of things to say about bookies concerning what they should be doing and what they shouldn’t be doing. How they should be handling their business and how they should be interacting with their clients. We want to tell you to stop listening to the noise and start listening to your heart again. You listened to it once. Your heart is what brought you to this business, or at least this should be what brought you here. If your heart is not in this, it’s going to be very hard to be successful as a bookie. It’s time to find the right solutions with the best betting software and get back in the game. You have the heart for this, now find some passion and start earning a fantastic income. Here, is how.

  • Bookies are tired of going this process alone. For too long you have been suffering in silence and it’s time to stop the insanity. The normal gambler on any street USA has no idea what a bookie goes through on a daily basis or what it is they do. This job is not always easy, it’s not always fun, and some days it can be a hassle. We acknowledge that it can be rewarding and there is a potentially great income involved if the business is operated correctly.
  • The keyword is “business”. You must stop thinking of yourself as a friend to a couple of “homeboys” back on the block that happen to like having a bit of action on the Giants every weekend. Those days are over. Your “homeboys” are serious gamblers whether you think they are or not. They have more than you in their back pocket and they will spend their money somewhere. You want them spending their money with you and you want to offer them a great place to do it.
  • Your clients don’t need an excuse to gamble on sports, they need a reason to spend their money with you. You have been the “go-to guy” for a long time, however, your clients know “what’s up” in this world and they know where they can find the sharpest lines, the best odds and the very best wagering options.
  • There once was a day when your clients thought of you as not just “the go-to guy”, and “the man”, but they thought of you as the “only man”. That is an era gone by and another lifetime. Your clients have discovered what everyone else has discovered – the online bookie.
  • BOOKIES: Get online now. Stop messing around trying to do this yourself and stop allowing yourself to be stepped on by the competition.
  • The “big boys” have just one thing on you – an online presence. Who cares how many clients they have or if they are a multimillion-dollar company? This should never be your concern. You are not in this business to worry about the “other guy” you are in this business to worry about “your guys”. Period, end of story.
  • If you want to compete with the “big boys” there is only one way to do it and that’s with an online presence.


  • Remember: You are competing for your own clients—You are not competition for potentially hundreds or thousands of new clients in the near future. Stop worrying about circumstances that are beyond your control and start focusing on your clients.
  • There is only one way to keep the clients you have and to gain the maximum betting potential from those clients – An online presence with a great software program that will manage your business on a daily basis.
  • The high season is here and now is the time to find the perfect betting software. The best news of all; you can find that perfect software through the use of a Pay Per Head.
  • The Pay Per Head providers are offering a turnkey solution to operating your business hassle-free and with the potential to earn a six-figure income.

The PPH does everything for you and the service is affordable. If you are tired of grading bet slips and tired of placing wagers for clients at all hours of the night and tired of guessing as to how much you have lost or won, then find a great PPH that offers the best bookie software in the industry and get started today with a free trial. Make the phone call today and have your players online tomorrow. It’s that easy and affordable.

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