AFC East Crapshoot

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by Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now –

Don’t look know but the sudden demise of the New England Patriotshas opened up things considerably when pertaining to the EasternDivision of the American Football Conference. Thing could getreally wacky after the results of Sunday’s games become officialas the Patriots travel to South Florida, while the Bills hostthe Kansas City Chiefs.

New England as predicted by yours truly was exposed this pastMonday by a vastly superior Colts team and now must tangle withan east rival in Miami. The Dolphins have been better as expectedunder disciplinarian Nick Saban and own impressive wins over Denverand Carolina at home and the combined record of teams played is30-27 so it has been a reasonably tough schedule.

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If you’re the type of better who likes to playgood game and bad game theory, then New England is the play thisweek as their 4-4 record, reveals a pattern of win,loss,win,loss,win,loss,win,loss.I am not going to be hooked into that rationale and there’s agood case to be made for betting the Dolphins. The Patriots arebeyond the point of bad defensively and while I like the guy,Teddy Bruschi looks like a high school player out there.

Say all you want about Bill Bellichick’s surlypersonality, but there is no way that he will bench the popularplayer who has fought back from a stroke and been instrumentalin the three Patriot’s championships. Don’t kid yourself in thinkingMr. Bill hasn’t thought about it, but he isn’t going there.

I had a chance to notice Tom Brady’s reactionto adversity on the sidelines during the Colt’s game and it wasnot pretty. He looked like a spoiled kid who wasn’t getting whathe wanted. Face the facts Tom, banged up offensive line, limpingrunning backs and no defense. What do you expect?

As for Kansas City they head east for a visitto windy Buffalo and a date with the Bills, minus Priest Holmes.The valuable running back is gone for the year and this givesthe clamoring Larry Johnson his chance at stardom. KC has a hugeoffensive line that can push the Bills all over the field, butthis stadium is a graveyard for quarterbacks visiting for thefirst time. Kansas City has not visited Buffalo since 1997 andTrent Green is in for a rude awakening.

I have to take the Dolphins at home gettingpoints and the Bills/Chiefs under 42!

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