2007 NFL Playoff Predictions and Picks

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2007 NFL Playoff Predictions
by Kevin of Ultimatecapper.com

The time has come where the NFL sorts out big boys from the pretenders. Let’s get straight to the point as I’m ready to bust out with my picks for this year’s NFL playoffs.

The AFC will be represented this year by the Chargers, Ravens, Colts, Patriots, Jets and Chiefs. Both the Chargers and Ravens scored a bye for the open round which leaves KC vs. Indy and NYJ vs. N.E.It’s pretty cut and dry here as I see it. Indy will have too much offense at home for Chiefs which are really only at their best at Arrowhead. At risk of sounding like an Ahole, this game may even be a blowout with Indy having a sizable margin by the half.The other AFC game should prove to be closer in margin, but Tom Terrific should have his way with the Jets despite them being one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now.That would leave us with round two matchups of Indy/Balt and NE/SD.

Between Baltimore’s home field advantage, tough D (remember folks, defense wins superbowl’s and Indy has virtually none) and the Air McNair lead offense, Baltimore should put Peyton Manning out of the playoff early once again leaving people to wonder if he’s the next Dan Marino who has such a great game but just can’t win the whole thing.


On the flip side, a Patriot/Charger game would be a grand event and maybe the best game of the playoffs if you ask me. I do however see a distinct advantage to the Chargers here who have not only not lost at home but have destroyed teams on their home turf. New England could surely win the game though. Their that good. I’m forced to make a call here though so I’ll say S.D. by a field goal and no more.

That would leave the AFC Championship game as being Baltimore at San Diego. Here’s another one where the matchup (if it happens) could quite possibly be better than the Super Bowl. This game indeed could go either way but again I’m here to make picks not ride the fence so I’ll give it to the Chargers solely based on home field advantage. Another doozy that probably ends with a real tight margin of victory either way.

AFC Champion: San Diego Chargers

Over in the NFC, the Bears, Saints, Giants, Eagles, Cowpokes and Seahawks represent. Chicago and N.O. are on a bye the first week. The Giants travel to Philly where they should get spanked as Jeff Garcia is really clicking right now and “the other Manning” is still showing growing pains. Dallas heads to Seattle where they’ll have all kinds of problems hearing snap counts because Seattle is by far the loudest stadium in the NFL and those fans will be rockin’ on Saturday afternoon. Seattle is likely to win in a close one here. It should be noted that Seattle is a scary team for anybody to play this playoff season because they haven’t been healthy all at once yet they haven’t played all that badly. They could sneak into a late season hot streak and start playing well just at the right time to make some noise.

In round two, that’d give us a Philly at New Oreans game where anything could happen. I’m going to make a bold prediction here that the Saints peaked too early and that the Eagles will come into their house and knock them out.

In the other NFC game, Seattle would travel to Chicago where the Bears will punk them regardless of who is at QB and how crappy they play.

That’d leave us with an NFC championship game of Philly at Chicago where the Bears defense would simply be too much for Jeff Garcia and his corps. ending a cinderella season for the backup QB who didn’t figure to see much of the field this year after backing up Donovan McNabb.

NFC Champion: Chicago Bears

This would give us a Superbowl match up of San Diego vs. Chicago. The game will be played in Florida this year. No distinct home field advantage for either team. We like the Bears to beat the Chargers here.

We see both teams as somewhat evenly matched with many edges going to the Chargers. Then why didn’t we pick them to win it? Their Coach! Marty gets super conservative in big games and its hurt his playoff success badly. Just look at his past playoff games and records.

You don’t coach a team a certain way all year long and then change your philosophy at the end of the season! Until Marty shoes us differently, we simply can’t back him.

Super Bowl Winner: Chicago Bears

The old adage “defense wins Super Bowls” will live yet once again and this 2006/07 Chicago Bears team will be compared to the 1985 Bears of old for many years to come.

Have a great one Everybody!


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