2007 NFL Playoff Scenarios

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2007 NFL Playoff Scenarios
by Jerry V.

With 17 weeks of NFL regular season excitement behind us nowwe can get to the real fun as the playoff picture is all set.Let’s look at the matchups and then we’ll tell you our predictions of who we thinkis going to “win it all.”

In the AFC, the teams end up seeded like this:

San Diego Chargers (14-2)
Baltimore Ravens (13-3)
Indianapolis Colts (12-4)
New England Patriots (12-4)
New York Jets (10-6)
Kansas City Chiefs (9-7)

Hereare the 1st round matchups:
San Diego – bye
Baltimore – bye
Kansas City at Indianapolis – Saturday, Jan. 6, 4:30 est. (winnerplays at Baltimore)
New York Jets at New England – Sunday, Jan. 7, 1:00 est.(winnerplays at San Diego)

Our prediction is that New England and Indianapolis will bothwin and advance to round 2. In round 2 we predict San Diego towin and Indianapolis to go on the road and win in Baltimore. Thatwould give us a great matchup for the AFC Championship with Coltstraveling to San Diego. We think it will be too much LT as theChargers rush to an AFC Championship and Super Bowl berth.

Now let’s turn our attention to the NFC, here are theseeds:
Chicago Bears (13-3)
New Orleans Saints (10-6)
Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)
Seattle Seahawks (9-7)
Dallas Cowboys (9-7)
New York Giants (8-8)

Here are the 1st round matchups:
Chicago – bye
New Orleans – bye
New York Giants at Philadelphia – Sunday, Jan. 7, 4:30 est. (winnerplays at New Orleans)
Dallas at Seattle – Saturday, Jan. 6, 8:00 est. (winner playsat Chicago)

We see the winners of advancing out of round 1 as Philadelphiaand Dallas.

In round 2 we predict the Bears to beat Dallas and New Orleansto beat Philadelphia.

In the NFC Championship we will go with New Orleans upsettingthe Bears in Chicago.

Our Super Bowl is all set for Sunday, Feb. 4, with the surprisingNew Orleans Saints playing the San Diego Chargers.

We predict a San Diego win by a score of 31-21. It will be funto sit back and see how this all plays out. Are you ready forsome football?


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