2007 NFL Breakdown: National Football Conference (NFC)

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* All stats are 2006

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals released (DT) K.Clacy, (G) M.Brown and (FB) O.Ayanbadejoand will be replaced by second-round draft pick (DT) A.Branch(MIC) or second-year player (DT) G.Watson (12TKL, 1 Sack). Cardinalsmost notable signings this off season are (WR) R.Bailey (PITT),(TE) T.Bienemann (WSU), (CB) R.BROWN (33TKL) (CLE), (WR) S.Morey(2REC, 29YDS) (PITT), all experienced players.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons lost (WR) B.Finnerman to another operation to hisknee. Look for newly signed (WR) J.Horn (37REC, 679YDS, 4TD) (N0)to compete against second year players, (WR) F.Gibson, (WR) A.Jenningsfor a starting position. Both players have little NFL experience.The Falcons re-signed (LB) Huff (79TKL), (OLB), D.Williams (57TKL,1Sack, 1INT) and picked up (WR) Cooper (9REC, 113YDS, 1TD) and(DB) L.Sanders (34TKL) (HOU).

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers pick up (S) D.Cooper (SF), (DB) C.Deloatch (CAR)and re-sign (OLB) N.Diggs (45TKL). The Panthers have decided topart ways with (LB) V.Ciurciu (MIN), (LB) C.Draft (STL), (WR)K.Hankton, (S) K.McCadam (JAC), (S) M.Seidman(IND). Carolina alsogot themselves a new (QB) D.Carr (68%, 2,797YDS, 11TD) from theHouston Texans. It looks like (WR) K.Johnson will be retiringfrom football to be a sports caster for ESPN. He turned down severaloffers from other teams, but declined because ESPN made him anoffer he couldn’t refuse. He’ll likely be replacedby (WR) D.Jarrett (USC).

Chicago Bears

Da Bears released (NT) T.Johnson after his recent run in withthe law. Chicago has replaced Johnson with (RB) O.Ayanbadejo (9ATT,37YDS,) (ARZ). Chicago has signed (DT) A.Adams (12TKL, 2Sacks)(SF) to a 1 year contract and re-signed (G) R.Brown. Leaving Chicagois (DT) A.Boone (KC), (WR) Justin Gage (TEN), (S) T.Johnson (STL),and (DT) I.Scott (PHI). Da Bears claim (FB) J.Goldsberg from TampaBay.


Dallas Cowboys

Dallas’s 3-time all-star (G) M.Rivera was released by Dallasafter multiple surgeries, to fix his back. He hurt himself inthe off season, a week after signing a FAT contract, and couldno longer hold his side of the contract. Taking Rivera’splace is (G) L.Davis who spent the last 6 years in Arizona. TheCowboys have also secured (QB) B.Johnson (61%, 2,750YDS, 9TD)for the next 3 years from the Minnesota Vikings. (K) M.Gramaticahas also re-signed with Dallas. Other departures are (QB) D.Bledsoe,(DE) K.Coleman (NYJ).

Detroit Lions

The Lions made lots of moves over the off season. New to Detroitis (RB) T.Bell (1,025YDS, 2TD) (DEN), (RB) T.Duckett (2TD) (WAS),(WR) S.McDonald (13REC, 136YDS, 1TD) (STL), (G) E.Mulitalo (BAL)and (DE) D.White (33TKL, 5Sacks) (TAM). (CB) D.Bly was tradedto Denver in part of the Bell trade. (SS) T.Holt signed with Arizonaas a free agent The Lions selected 8 players from the draft (WR)C.Johnson (GT), (QB) D. Stanton (MIC), (DE) I. Alama-Francis (HAW),(S) G. Alexander (BOI), (CB) A.J. Davis (NCS), (G) M.Ramirez (TEX),(LB) J.Baldwin (ALA) and (CB) R.Robinson (ALA) .

Green Bay Packers

The Packers are giving (QB) B.Farve one more chance at glorybefore he retires. Green Bay drafted (TE) C.Harris (RUT), (RB)D.Wynn (FLO) and (WR) D.Clowny (VT). The Packers re-signed mostof the players from last year’s squad. Packers departedwith (RB) A.Green, which saw him go to Houston. It looks likethe Packs are going for a younger offense.

Minnesota Vikings

Former U of MIN (R) P.Hamilton will be taking the place of (R)R.Hymes , after he was cut over the off season. New signings include(S) M.Doss (24TKL, 2INT) (IND), (TE) V.Shiancoe (MIN) and (WR)B.Wade (33REC, 461YDA, 2TD) (MIN). Minnesota parted ways with(QB) B.Johnson and made (QB) B.Bollinger starter. Vikings alsogot (DT) H.Green, who’s been out since 2004, from the NewOrleans Saints. He played 12 games for the Saints and a careerhigh 53 tackles. (WR) C.Hankton has joined the Vikings after leavingJacksonville AND (WR) B.Wade (33REC, 461YDS, 2TD) has joined fromTennesse.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints sign veteran (DT) K.Clancy () (ARZ). First-round draftchoice R.Meachem won’t be starting due to a knee injury.The Saints have picked up (TE) E.Johnson (SF), (QB) J.David (IND),(DB) K.Kaesviharn (48TKL, 4Sacks, 6INT) (CIN), (K) O.Mare (MIA)and (LB) B.Simmons (33TKL, 2INT) (NO). New Orleans also got acouple European players (WR) T.Hall and (WR) A.Hosak.The Saintstraded (LB) D.Clark (HOU), (K) B.Cundiff (ATL) (G) M. Holland(DEN), (WR) Joe Horn (ATL), (WR/KR) M.Lewis, (CB) B.Scott (TEN),(S) Stoutmire (WAS) (DE) W.Whitehead.

New York Giants

The Giants signed (G) Z.Piller (TEN) over the off season. Pillerwill add strength to a weakened offense line due to the releaseof (LT) L.Petitquot and the retirement of (DT) H.Anderson. TheGiants signed veteran (QB) A.Wright (CIN), who will compete forback up position. Giants also pick up (DT) M.Bell (DET), (RB)R.Droughs (758YDS, 4TD), (LB) K.Mitchell (82TKL, 1INT) (KC) and(DB) M.Stone (HOU). Most notable departures are (LB) L.Arrington,(QB) J.Feely (MIA).


Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia spent the off season looking for offensive backsto join (RB) B.Westbrook, (RB) C.Buckhalter and (RB) R.Moats.They got draft picks T.Hunt (PENN) and N.Iiaoa (HAW) but mighttake some time before they get to play under coach A.Reid’scomplex offense. Long snapper and (TE) M.Bartrum retired no announcementon who will fill in yet. Eagles get (WR) K.Curtis (479YDS, 4TD)(STL), (QB) K.Holcomb (BUF) (DNP), (WR) B.Johnson (9REC, 156YDS)(MIN), and (DE) M.Reagor (IND). Eagles re-sign (DE) J.Thomas (19TKL,6Sacks).

San Francisco 49ers

San Fran’s defense took a turn for the worst when two veteranplayers were lost for the season due to injuries. (CB) B.Tuckerand (DE) M.Oliver will be replaced by. San Fran acquired veteran(WR) D.Jackson (956YDS, 10TD) from Seattle for a fourth rounddraft pick and (WR) A.Leslie (430YDS, 1TD) from Atlanta. (QB)T.Dilfer played with Jackson in Seattle, so look for them to click.Other notable acquisitions are (DB) N.Clements (54TKL, 3INT) (BUF),(DT) A.Franklin (SF), (LB) T.Banta-Cain (31TKL) (NE) AND (DB)M.Lewis (43TKL, 2Sacks, 2INT) (PHI). Departues are Mike Adams,DB (CLE), (WR) A.Bryant (TE) E.Johnson (NO), (DE) L.Legree (TB),(C) J.Newberry (OAK).

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks cut (CB) K.Herndon for first round draft pick K.Jennings(MIA). Seattle re-signed (WR) B.Engram, (G) C.Grey, (TE) W.Heller,and (FB) J.Parry. New to the Hawks are (S) D.Grant (53TKL, 2INT)(JAC), (DE) P.Kerney (ATL), (TE) M.Pollard (12REC, 100YDS) (DET)and (DB) B.Russell (42TKL, 1INT) (CLE). Departing Seattle is (LS)J.P. Darche (KC), (S) K.Hamlin (DAL) (CB) K.Herndon, (LB) D.D.Lewis (DEN), (RB) Josh Scobey (BUF), (TE) J.Stevens (TB), and(DE) J.Tafoya (ARZ).

St. Louis Rams

The Rams got a decent return man in the off season, (WR) D.Hall(26REC, 204YDS, 2TD). He was traded for an eighth round pick.The Rams acquired (WR) D.Bennett (46REC, 737YDS, 3TD) (TEN), (LB)C.Draft (79TKL, 5.5Sacks) (CAR), (S) T.Johnson (25TKL) (CHI),(TE) R.McMichael (62REC, 640YDS, 3TD) (MIA). Hawks re-sign (RB)T.Minor and (OT) T.Steussie . Most notable departures are (RB)M.Faulk, (WR) K.Curtis and (WR) S.McDonald.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs (MLB) S.Quarles has left the team and now it’sup to (MLB) B.Ruud, who’s the Bucs 2005 second round pick.Looks like Bucs are trying to get (QB) J.Plummer from Denver,even after they picked up (QB) J.Garcia (61%, 1,309YDS, 10TD)(PHI). Bucs sign (TE) C.Leak (BUF) and release (CB) K.Scott. TheBucs released (S) T.Boger, (LS) A.Johnson, (DT) K.Smith and acquire(RB) B.Askew (NYJ), (DE) K.Carter (MIA), (DE) J.Hall. Second-round(S) S.Piscitelli could challenge veteran safeties for playingtime.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins signed veteran (CB) J.Butler (STL) and released(DB) C.Cox. They also acquired (CB) J.Fabini (DAL), (LB) L.Fletcher(104TKL, 2Sacks, 4INT) (BUF), (CB) D.Macklin (33TKL, 1INT) (ARZ),(CB) F.Smoot (57TKL, 1INT) (MIN), (S) O.Stoutmire (44TKL, 2INT)(NO). The Redskins re-signed the majority of the other players.Departing the team are (RB) T.J. Duckett (DET), (TE) C.Fauria,(K) John Hall, (LB) Warrick Holdman (DEN) (WR) D.Patten (STL).


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