2007 NBA All Star Game: Las Vegas

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2007 NBA All Star Game Venue: Las Vegas?

We hate to sound like sour pickles but it’s badenough that the NBA has turned into a sport in which player’scan’t hit 10 footers much less a free throw and now David Sternand his clones have decided to host the 2007 NBA All Star gamein Las Vegas.

You may find nothing wrong with the above listedbut we’re a little perturbed by it. For starters, their not goingto allow any type of gambling on the game or it’s weekend of eventsat the Las Vegas Casinos. WHAT A JOKE! The NBA needs to sack upand realize that it wouldn’t be grabbing all these televisioncontracts and making the fat loot they make if it weren’t forpeople that bet on the games.

The second reason we think it stinks is becauseLas Vegas isn’t even an NBA city. Sure, let’s take a dump on thefans, the ones that support the league and absolutely crap ontheir shot at seeing all the NBA’s talent in their local city.The local city in which the average fan overpays for tickets andsupports their team. To make matters worse, Stern is proposingthey play a future game in Paris! Paris? Who gives a flying Fabout Paris! How about showing appreciation for the fans in theU.S. who pay outrageous ticket prices, 7 freaking bucks for abeer and another 7 bucks for a fricken Oscar Meyer! Keep the gamehere where it belongs!

In summary, the fans pay big bucks for seatsand end up having no shot of their local city drawing an all stargame. Furthermore, the people that bet on NBA games can’t getdown on an event that probably shouldn’t be bet on anyway, butthat’s not the point. The point is the NBA, Stern and his clonescontinue to “pretend” like gambling on pro basketball doesn’thappen.

Memo to the NBA: The cat is out of the bag dudes.Start finding a way to cater to the masses rather than treatingthem like chit.

Lastly, Las Vegas is lobbying for an NBA team.What next? “We’ll come but your casinos can’t offer betting onour sport?”

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