Monday Night Football

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September 17th 2007

Monday Night Football
By Scott Burgess
Week 2

Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) vs Washington Redskins ((1-0)

The Philadelphia Eagles Donovan McNabb didn’t look likethe confident self he was in the Eagles first game. He’slacking in his scrambling capabilities that have kept opponentsdefenses on their toes. Even though this is his first game backfrom a season ending injury in 06’ people already doubthis skills. In his first game he seemed to run out of bounds insteadof dippsy doodling around the defense. In previous years the Eagleshave lost their first six opening games over a nine year period.McNabb needs to play with confidence that will then be transferredto other teammates.

The Eagles have confidence in receivers, Jason Avant and KevinCurtis, who have proven themselves over the years so there’sno need to worry there. RB Brian Westbrook is the star for theEagles; he’s multi talented at running and receiving. Specialteams punt returners Greg Lewis and J.R. Reed need to hold ontothe ball, they fumbled twice which led to points against the Eagles.The Eagles have beefed up their defense to slow down their opponentsrunning game.

The Washington Redskins may be in for a world of hurt this yearafter the Redskins organization failed to pick up a proven QB.Even though they won their first game it was far from offensive.The best part of the Redskins offense is from RB’s ClintonPortis and Ladell Betts. The Redskins currently have the thirdhighest ranked rushing attack. Portis has the only TD so far withthe rest of the points coming from confident kicker Shaun Suisham,who made two field goals and one in OT to win the game. Anotherplus for the Redskins is there always tough defense. They knowhow to apply pressure with the blitz and create one-on-one coverageagainst their opponents’ receivers.


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