Super Bowl Picks

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Super Bowl Picks

Well, it’s that time of year again and our readersare forcing our hand to give out OUR picks on the 2005 Super Bowl.Before we get into our opinions on both the side and total of”the big game”, we’d like to say one thing and that’s that thisyear’s game should be an exciting one. No, not just because we’regonna buy every kind of chip Frito-Lay puts out or that we’regonna get so shnockered we’re already looking for excuses to callinto work the next day, but because these two teams are the onesthat should of made this far.

The Eagles got outta the gate red hot. TerrellOwens was hell on wheels until his injury and at time of printtheres talk that he may come back, even if the Dr’s tell him heshouldn’t. Love him or hate him, it’s a pretty balzy move froma guy that has god given talent. Don’t be surprised if this guypulls a page out of Willis Reeds book (Willis Reed despite a severelybum thigh came walking out in game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals andthe place went absolutely apeshit) and ends up playing in thegame and having a positive influence. The guy is “prime time”and loves the spotlight. We’re not sure two broken legs will stopOwens from playing. How effective will he be? That’s yet to beknown. Big plays in tight situations are what legends are madeof and something tells us Owens has it in him to raise all thehair on our necks.

Getting to the task at hand here we’re gonnagive out a few thoughts and our 2005 super bowl picks

Super bowl XXXIX pitts two teamsthat are both very dangerous. The “X-Factor” here is McNabb whowill need to run if Philly is going to be crowned King of SuperBowl 39. McNabb goes, so goes the rest of the eagles, with orwithout Terrell Owens. If McNabb fails to run when given the opportunitywhich we do believe N.E. will be watching out for, their in trouble.This New England team has a knack for winning and that’s exactlywhat Tom Brady has done since entering the NFL. The guy hasn’tlost a freaking playoff game! Keeping in mind that the publicloves teams that score a lot of points, favorites and overs, alongwith the fact that we’re not sold on the Patriots defense, we’resitting on Philly to cover the number here (+7 at time of print)and for this game to go under the current total of 47.5.

We’ll admit that we’re a bit adamant about goingagainst Tom Brady because all this guy does is win, but Philly’s”D” is for real and if anybody can trip this guy up it’s the Phillydefense. Best of luck in your action and we hope to see ya inthe winners circle! Before we leave ya, we’d like to share someTERRIFIC sportsbook specials offered by our rock solid sponsorswhich pay advertising dollars to help keep the Ultimatecapper.comsite in business. Check’em out, there’s a good chance that wecan lead you to greener pastures with reference to find a bettersuperbowl sportsbook than what you may be using!

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Enjoy the game fellas (and ladies). Should bea real humdinger!

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