2005 Super Bowl Betting

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by Bob Acton

When the AFC and the NFC Championship games concluded on Sunday,the line makers in Las Vegas were armed and ready to release thetwo most items related to Super Bowl XXXIX and that was the pointspread and the over/under.

With all due apologies to the half time show committee and theadvertising department, the popularity of the NFL which has grownto record numbers, is all about the wagering activity that isoffered in this game.

I mean why do you think that the NFL requires teams to announcetheir injuries by Thursday of the week of the game and why doesevery major newspaper in the country provide daily lines for theircustomers.

Less then 24 hours after the gun had sounded to end the PittsburghSteelers fans misery, bookmakers had offered the line to theirselect gamblers in the know at 6- 6 1/2 , but the experts quicklypushed the line to -7. For those not in the know before the pointspread of a game is offered to the public, the line makers offerthe game to a select group of individuals who are respected fortheir knowledge of the betting game. Once this group wagers, thenVegas adjusts the line and it then heads out the door to the public.

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That line of Patriots -7 seems rather high as most experts suggestthat on a neutral field, the Eagles with a healthy Terrell Owenswould be +4 and +5 without TO. But the betting game is all aboutperception and the public trusts the Patriots, as they alwayswin the big game.

New England has been favored in every game this year and haswon 31 of 33 games and are 25-7-1 against the spread. At 78% theyare money in the bank!

I would be ecstatic if my percentage for picking winners was62%!

The over/under total of 47 ½ to 48 is probably 4 points higherthen it should be as in a combined 36 games this season, the Eaglesand New England have only had numbers over this number 5 times.

But the public loves to be favorites and loves to bet oversso hence the inflated lines.

I think I will look at some “PROPS”!

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