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NFC EASTFirst – EaglesSecond – CowboysThird – RedskinsFourth – Giants

· Terrell Owens is unhappy with his contract andis rapidly becoming the Barry Bonds of the NFL

· Todd Pinkston is out, rookie Reggie Brown isbetter.

· Cornerbacks Sheldon Brown and Lido Sheppardhave a year more experience and they will not need nearly as muchhelp as they were given last year. This will give Defensive CoordinatorJimmy Johnson a chance to use his blitz package even more.

· Last year the Eagles were 3rd in the NFC inscoring and tied for 2nd in in the NFL for fewest point givenup. Expect both of those numbers to go down.

It’s been 4 years since a team that lost theSuperbowl was back in the playoffs the following year, and 9 yearssince a Superbowl loser won a playoff game. The Eagles will makethe playoffs this year but not because of their offense. The Eagleswill play shut-down defense, and with the rest of the teams inthe NFC East being pathetic, and even though the rotation givesthem the decent NFC and AFC west divisions on their schedule,it will still be a cake walk to the play-offs, where they willpromptly lose. Terrell and Brian (Westbrook)…there is no “I” in“TEAM”

· Bledsoe is old….Henson is a 3rd baseman

· Bledsoe is 5-34 against teams with 10 winsor more…not an issue this year, the Eagles are their only opponentwith a chance to win 10.

· The only offense that the Cowboys have is JuliusJones and Jason Witten, and unless they utilize Witten more insidethe 10, they’ll be middle of the road at best offensively.

· The Cowboys were 26th last year in Sacks. Thisyear they’ll go with the 3-4, allowing first round pick DeMarcusWare the chance to put up big numbers. This will also improvethe pathetic 405 points and 31 TD that Boys gave up last year.

· Roy Williams moves back to strong safety, andnew faces Anthony Henry and Aaron Glenn with Jason Ferguson onthe line add to the revamping of the just plain bad Dallas defenseof a year ago.

Julius Jones, sadly will be killed this yearplaying football for the Cowboys, at 5’9” and 217 lbs, he doesn’thave the frame to touch the ball over 30 times a game, and that’swhat he averaged last year. If Jones can rush for 1500 and score15 TD’s, and if the Boys use Witten around the goal line, withthe improved defense, look for an 8-8 record and the playoffsin 2006.

· With the Santana Moss and David Patten, it lookslike the Smurf’s might be on their way back.

· Greg Williams will be the MVP of the Skinsthis year, and he’s their defensive coordinator.

· If Patrick Ramsey is the future (29th in passing,30th in total offense) , why was Jason Campbell taken in the firstround of the draft?

Clinton Portis is not a between the tackles back…ExpectGibbs to open things up this year. This will take some of thepressure off Ramsey. Last year Ramsey couldn’t make the shorttosses that Gibbs likes, he’ll be on the bench early if he continuesto do the same this year. The Redskins running attack averaged32 carries and 140 yards in their 6 wins, and 18 and 59 in thelosses. More of a statement that Ramsey really can’t handle thepressure….mentally!

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· Michael Strahan is a STUD!! (Michael get yourteeth fixed man)!

· Tiki Barber is a STUD!! (Now that he can holdon to the Ball)

· Jeremy Shockey will be hurt before week 6

· Eli Manning will struggle, and then blame everyoneelse for it.

I hate the Chargers…I passionately hate Eli Manning…Itwill give me great pleasure to see Manning taken apart in week3. By week 8, Plaxico Burris will beat the hell out of his startingquarterback. Expect another fine 55.4 rating and a 2-14 record.Sorry, but I’ve already wasted enough time on the Giants!

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