10 Fun Ideas to Entertain Yourself While Traveling

Travelling is always fun but wait until the journey takes so long, that boredom starts to kick in. What can you do to remain upbeat when on a long journey?

The worst thing about travelling is when you have to spend a long time on the journey. You are not always in control of how long it will take and there’s nothing worse than spending hours, days or even weeks cooped up inside an aeroplane or car with only your thoughts for company.

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining so here are 10 fun ideas to entertain yourself while travelling:

Listen To a Podcast

One of my favourite ways to burn some time when travelling is to listen to a podcast. Podcasts are available on most platforms including iTunes and Stitcher.

There are so many podcasts out there that cover any topic you can think of; politics, history, comedy or just a way for people from all over the world to connect.

Listen To Stand Up Comedy

Whether you’re on a long road trip or just waiting for your delayed flight, stand-up comedy is a great way to keep yourself entertained.

You can listen to popular comedians like Dara O’Briain and Peter Kay who have hours of material that will make you laugh all the way through. And when you get bored with one comedian, there are plenty more on YouTube to explore.

Get To Know Other Travellers

There are many ways to pass the time on a long road trip. One way is to have a conversation with your companions about different topics. This can provide entertainment for hours!

Some great conversation starters would be different topics. Questions include: -What’s your favourite movie? -What are you reading right now? -Do you have any pets? What kind and what are their names? -If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Find a New Playlist

I recently switched from Spotify to YouTube Music and I’m enjoying it a lot. That being said, I still prefer Spotify for making playlists. One of the main reasons why I made the switch is because it has offline listening capabilities.

With my phone off or if I’m travelling somewhere without WIFI, YouTube Music saves all my music on my device so that I can listen anytime anywhere!

Another perk is that there are a ton of live performances which you can’t find on other streaming services.

Learn a Language

Learning a new language has never been easier. Many people want to learn a new language, but they are either too busy or not sure where to start.

With an app such as Duolingo and the free time you have while travelling, you can learn a new language in no time.

Read a Book or Blog

A long car ride can be a great time to get work done, or to simply relax and take in the scenery. However, you can take a few good books for the journey.

If you’re going on an aeroplane, then it’s even more important that you pack some entertainment with you as planes are notoriously boring.

Use your Kindle for entertainment purposes and download many books onto one, portable device.

Explore the internet through Pinterest or Medium by finding new articles and posts based on your interests. Look up topics randomly with Reddit or Google searches.


If you have tried many ways of entertainment and nothing seems fun anymore, why not take a quick nap?

Many people find themselves in situations where they are stuck in a car for hours on end. If it’s warm and you feel sleepy, then go ahead and take a power nap. Research has shown that naps reboot the brain and have numerous health benefits.

The only thing to keep in mind is to not take too long of a nap or else you may enter into a deep sleep, which will leave you feeling groggy when you wake up.

Play A Game on Your Phone

Do you enjoy playing casino games? Are you often on the go and looking for a way to have fun while travelling or exploring new places?

Well, there is no need to worry! You can always play mobile casino games as an entertaining option. The first thing that you need to do is download one of the many popular apps available in your app store. There are plenty of options from all over the world so choose whichever best suits your tastes.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy while on a journey can be challenging. You’re not likely to find fresh vegetables and fruit at service stations or fast-food restaurants, so it’s best to pack your own snacks in the car.

If you stop for gas or a bite to eat, avoid sugary and salty snacks like candy bars and chips – they’ll just make you hungry again an hour later. Instead, buy some fruit or nuts that will keep you busy during the long journey ahead of you.

Edit Photos

Editing photos is a great way to kill boredom while travelling. Whether you’re on a long car ride or just sitting in the airport, editing your pictures will keep you entertained for hours. The best part about it is that it’s something everyone can do and no one has to know how bad of an editor you are!

Some good apps that can help you include Snapseed and VSCO.


Travelling can be exciting and boring at the same time. However, you can make it a memorable, fun, and enjoyable undertaking by engaging in one or more of the above-mentioned activities.