Winning Tips For Online Bingo

At standard, the chance of winning a bingo game is split equally between the number of contestants involved. With everything being done on a random generator basis and all popular UK bingo sites being strictly regulated by the Gambling Commission, there’s not much you can do to guarantee an instant win… or is there?

Although online bingo is down to luck and there are no magic tricks out there to help you win every time, that doesn’t mean there isn’t little methods you can try to boost your chances. There is not any skill involved in the gameplay since it takes place automatically, and nowadays, there is not even a need to worry about matching numbers yourself or calling bingo faster than anyone else. Although with this being said, try out these little tips and tricks which can help improve your overall odds:

  1. Play off peak

By doing some analysis into what times there are fewer players online and using these windows to play online bingo in, this considerably increases your probability of being declared a winner. In many cases, the prize money will not increase or decrease depending on how many players are playing so it is best to be up against as few opponents as possible. The more players that are playing, the more competition there is so logging on in quieter times such as weekdays or odd hours of the day such as early mornings or late at night tend are likely to offer the best chances.

  1. Find the best winnings

Before joining a game, know what prizes are up for grabs and how you can win them by looking at the different online bingo websites. Various bingo games offer a range of prizes as well as house prizes, with some of the more generous bingo bonuses being on offer for new customers once a deposit has been made.

  1. Make multiple entries

By buying multiple cards instead of heading in with a single entry, you are getting the numbers up in a game which will make it less appealing for others to join in on to maximize your winning odds even further. Although it may sound obvious, the more cards you own, the bigger your chances of winning are! This way, if a number called out isn’t on one of your bingo cards, chances are it is going to be on another, so you have a bigger chance of completing a pattern.

  1. Be present in the chat room

One of the benefits of online bingo is that you can chat with other players in the chat room, keeping an eye out for the random prizes which are often up for grabs separately from the main game. In most cases, the chat moderator announces various prizes and competitions up for grabs, so this is the time to get yourself into the chat room and grab some extra winnings as you play. Making friends with other players won’t help you win the game, but it can boost your chances of winning other prizes along the way.