Why Do Canadian Students Like Hockey?

Ice hockey, commonly referred to as hockey in Canada, is the country’s most popular sport. Not only is it exciting to watch the game, but it’s also fun to play and that’s why Canadian students adore hockey.

The cold season in Canada begins around November and lasts all the way up to March or April. This means that for half a year, it’s almost impossible to play most of the other games, and that’s most likely the reason why hockey is given so much attention.

So popular is the game among students that a large percentage of the Canadian secondary schools offer ice hockey programs. The schools provide excellent facilities and coaching for this activity.

Schools That Offer Hockey Programs in Canada

Schools offer a lot of practice and game time. Among the best schools that offer hockey programs are:

  1. Banff Hockey Academy, Banff, Alberta

Situated in the beautiful landscapes, Banff Hockey Academy offers you a great program to improve both your hockey and academic skills. There are so many benefits to apply to this academy.

  1. Ridley College, Saint Catherines, Ontario

Located in Ontario’s sunny peach belt, this well-known college provides a well-balanced approach to both athletics and sports.

  1. Bishop’s College School, Quebec

The College School is located South of Montreal, which is considered the world’s hockey capital. You are guaranteed incredible coaching and lots of ice time.

  1. Harrington College of Canada, Harrington, Quebec

This college is in a spectacular rural setting, and it offers you a highly intense, professional and focused approach to hockey.

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