Which Action Sports Are Best for Wagering Bets?

Watching sports provides a combination of camaraderie, competition, and excitement that can’t be found in a lot of other activities. For some, watching sports is a lifestyle. For others, it’s a way to make money.

Betting on sports to win money requires research and sports knowledge. You also want to be entertained while trying to hit your wagers. Finding the best action sports can provide you with everything you seek.

Keep reading to learn what they are.

Football – NFL

Football is one of the best action sports to watch and bet on. It offers the perfect blend of high intensity and strategic depth.

In the United States, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year. This past Super Bowl (Super Bowl LVII) was the most-watched telecast of all time with 115.1 million viewers.

Because football is so popular, the NFL specifically, you’ll be able to find quality odds online. Some betting platforms offer great promotions during the national football season.

There are unique and exciting betting markets for the NFL that you won’t be able to find betting on other sports. The downside is that there is a lower volume of games than some of the other popular sports.

The most popular betting markets for the NFL are:

  • Superbowl winner
  • NFL draft specials
  • Over/Under points

You can also bet on game props and player props. Game props like total rushing yards and total passes are fun ways to win money. Some sportsbooks allow you to bet on unique props, such as which team wins the coin toss.

If you have a favorite athlete, you can bet on their rushing yards, passing yards, and more.

Touchdown parlays are becoming increasingly popular. Bettors will combine various players who they believe will score a touchdown anytime during the game. These are rare bets to hit, but you could get lucky with the right strategy.

Football – CFB

Some bettors prefer to bet on college football because of predictable schemes and a great bet selection. There are also more college football games than NFL games because of the difference in the amount of teams.

The most exciting thing about college football is the players. It takes a team to win a game, but a single exceptional player can make a big difference in a college football game.

In the NCAAF, the top players stay in the spotlight. You can find an outstanding player and bet on their team.

Focusing on the dominant players rather than the team itself is a great strategy for college football.

College football has more obvious schemes than the NFL. If you watch one team closely enough, you’ll be able to figure out their schemes quickly.

This is one of the best action sports to bet on during bowl games, college football playoffs, and the national championship game. The most popular betting markets for CFB are:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Over/Under points

The NFL sees more prop bets and live betting, which may be unavailable for college games depending on the sportsbook you use. If you prefer these types of bets, find a sportsbook that has them or bet on a different sport/league.

Basketball – NBA

Basketball is another commonly watched sport in the United States. When it comes to football or basketball, some bettors have a hard time choosing their favorite sport.

Both are great options because they provide unique betting options. Basketball is great for live betting opportunities because the game is played fast. Fortunes can change in a short amount of time.

When basketball is played at the highest level, games might be decided at the buzzer or major comebacks occur. These factors make the games fun to watch and bet on.

Interested bettors can use data and environmental factors to make bets. However, the NBA betting market is extremely volatile because anything can happen.

There are many NBA teams with established legacies and historical rivalries. Teams play each other often and you can find an NBA game being played almost daily during the regular season.

Some of the popular betting markets are:

  • Eastern or Western conference winners
  • Quarter winner
  • Race to 30 points

You can find a lot of interesting bets for basketball, such as player props and first baskets.

The NBA added the in-season tournament this season, in which bettors are allowed to bet. This new market could mean there are more money-making opportunities for betting if the in-season tournament becomes a regular thing.

Understanding betting odds will help you decide which bets can be profitable and which bets are unlikely.

Hockey – NHL

If you can’t get a good win streak going from football or basketball betting, try your hand at hockey. This is one of the best action sports out there because the game is fast-paced and aggressive.

Hockey is supreme in Canada, but the United States enjoys the league as well. As it steadily gains a following throughout the world, the sport is becoming a favorite among bettors.

The NHL is another great sport for live betting. It’s also one of the most data-driven sports so history plays a huge factor in betting odds.

If you don’t watch hockey, you might feel intimidated by the markets. Hockey betting markets look a little different than others, with the most popular being:

  • Puck line
  • Goaltending bets
  • In-play/live betting

Enjoy betting on the underdog? Goaltending bets might be the ideal market for you. These bets focus on a team that is on a losing streak and is going against a heavily favored team.

Start Betting on Action Sports Today

Many people think you have to focus on one sport to make a profit from sports betting. There are too many action sports to limit yourself to just one market. From football to basketball to hockey, betting can be enjoyable all year round.

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