What To Do When Your Team Is Losing

Whether you’ve placed a bet online or are cheering on your favorite team to win a game, the reality is that your team is likely to lose every once in a while. The question is, how do you personally handle this type of situation when you’re feeling down about what’s unfolding in front of you?

If you’re a sore loser in front of others, they may choose not to watch with or be around you during sporting events going forward. There are a few approaches you can take that will help you keep a level head and find hope that your team will likely improve and win again one day.

Remain Calm

Keep in mind that it’s a long game and that you never know when your team may pull ahead and take the lead again. Your best plan of action is to remain calm and continue to think positively that your team can turn it around and play better. Getting upset and completely losing your cool will ruin the viewing experience for yourself and those around you.

Distract Yourself

When your team is losing, your best bet may be to distract yourself by doing another activity and preoccupying your mind. For instance, get on your phone and play online slots or clean your place while you watch in the background. You can re-engage yourself in the game, should your team start to perform better and it becomes more interesting to watch. This will also help to remind you that there’s more to life than sports and your day will continue on even after your team loses if that’s the case.

See the Bigger Picture

Another way to cope when your team is losing is to see the bigger picture. For instance, think of the season as a whole or how well they’ve done in the past to help you bring it all into perspective. Stay loyal to your team by trying to remember all the good times they’ve had and what fun it’s been following them in the past. Take note of how many more games still exist in the season and into account that it’s only one game out of many competitions.

Prepare Yourself for A Loss Mentally

Sometimes honesty is the best policy, and if your team is losing badly then you might just need to accept reality. Prepare yourself for a loss mentally by knowing that whoever you’re with that’s cheering for the other team may rub it in that your team lost. Keep in mind that it’s just a game and focus on the next opponent that’s upcoming. Also, have a plan for what you’ll do after the game is over to take your mind off of it.


It’s never easy to lose, but it happens to every team every now and again. Use these tips to help you better know what to do when your team is losing. Most importantly, you want to walk away from the situation feeling proud about how you reacted.