What is the Advantage of Google Pay among other Payment Methods in Online Casinos?

New payment service providers are conquering the online segment and also providing us casino fans with many options and high flexibility. Since Google really took off with Google Pay in 2018, the question for us is what you need to look out for to find out whether you can pay with Google Pay in an online casino and the advantages the service has among other payment methods!

Here’s a brief insight into the advantages and the top Google Pay casino – the best method of deposit real money online in 2021.

Google Pay: These Advantages Await Us

Given that we’re allowed to pay in and out of online casinos with Google Pay, then the payment interface scores first and foremost with maximum security.

As long as the user’s smartphone is combined with a security PIN or fingerprint sensor, misuse is virtually impossible, even if the smartphone is lost or stolen.

The personal credit card data is stored at Google. Google probably already has the data because you have already bought an app in the App Store and used your credit card there. Billions of people around the world entrust their online lives to the Internet giant: Whether it’s work, private photo collection, email communication, or navigation – Google is our daily companion in the digital world.

If anyone knows how to protect data securely from misuse, it’s Google. Contrast this with paying by credit card in an online casino or online store. In this case, you share credit card data with an unknown provider. This would be the first step towards misuse.

The second decisive advantage is the speed with which casino deposits and payments are made. Here you can talk about a few seconds for both online and offline payments. After that, the payment process is done for you. Everything else is done in the background by Google.

The last point here is also the maximum convenience. Pull your smartphone out of your pocket, add the goods/services to your shopping cart and pay with your fingerprint. This can be done quickly in 2 minutes, and paying on the go with Google Pay is no problem. It probably doesn’t get much more convenient than this. Exactly these three advantages would also await you if you could pay in online casinos with Google Pay! However, the first G Pay casino is still waiting.

Costs & Fees: How Google Pay Stacks Up Against Competitors

The payment interface also differs from other well-known online casino payment methods in terms of deposit costs and fees. Because there are no additional fees for you when paying with Google Pay.

Since paying in offline stores requires that you link the service to one of your credit cards, the payments will incur the normal fees that you have to pay for credit card payments. These differ from the credit card company to the credit card company and must be individually selected by you in the terms and conditions.

Google does not offer its service for free, of course. Google takes a small percentage of the fees that the credit card company actually takes from you. In this way, Google refinances its payment interface.

Incidentally, this is also the reason why the establishment of the Apple Pay or Google Pay payment services is proceeding so slowly in some important iGaming countries. The credit card institutions and banks refuse to give up some of their cake and work together with the large corporations.

That alone is the reason why in a large number of European countries the payment interface can already be used for years, but in some, the topic is still uncharted territory that only really took off in 2019.