Top 8 Sports Events You Should Attend in the USA

Even if you are not a hard-die fan of the sport, you have to see the live game at least once because this spectacle is different from cinema or theater and causes absolutely new feelings. The U.S. sporting front is various and popular, and with climate and environmental circumstances, we can observe all sorts of sports. Skiing, basketball, golf, surfing, and others, lesser-known, are frequently broadcast in pubs and clubs. Watching some sport beyond the big screen is a great idea for planning a trip.

Take care of your comfort at first

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Choose your event

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the five most prestigious horse races worldwide and was demonstrated first in 1875. The permanent crowd number is 155,000 people every year, and therefore, tickets are way up.

Admission starts from $65 and reaches $85 according to when you purchase. Don’t forget to try mint julep during the performance; a traditional drink served over two days event in a huge amount.

U.S. Open of Surfing

Pure California-style championship, which puts together professional surfers from various corners around the world to compete for a $310 000 prize in Huntington Beach. Although the duration is eight days, for the whole experience, one will be enough.

Admission is free, but organizers can propose a VIP for $199 per day, including free meals, an exclusive gift back, and a shaded deck with a nice view of the waves and participants.

The Masters Golf Tournament

Bobby Jones’ dream was to own an ideal piece of land for golf, and as history says, he found it in Georgia. Masters is also known as the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. The atmosphere is a mystery for the audience and contestants because it is similarly complicated to get there. Tickets are available only for members of “Patrons,” and the selection of entrants is carried out privately: they get mail if they qualify.

NBA All-Star Game

The All-Star game combined four North American sports and was launched in 1951 in Boston. You will see two specially drafted teams of the league’s best players in the match and celebrities in a half-time show. In 2021 there were Beyonce, and Elton John will be among the guests. Actually, players also create the show on the field and demonstrate skills from unique positions.

Daytona 500

Since 1959 Daytona International Speedway has attracted millions of fans and many drivers. The building process was extended and took almost 15 months, and it became one of the largest stadiums in the U.S. However, it is well-equipped with 40 escalators and 17 elevators, so people move here simply.

In the beginning, the race was shorter and called the Daytona Beach Road Course. The first winner was legendary Lee Petty.

Super Bowl

Luxurious known soccer championship, the final game broadcast in over 200 countries. The name was received from late owner Lamar Hunt, but if specify details, from his kids – he saw them playing with a super bowl. The average cost of a ticket for 2022 is $9000, and it is expected that 70 000 people will attend this party. Moreover, the hype around the game always starts a week before with bright affairs and commercials.

U.S. Open Tennis

U.S. Open Tennis was initially held at the Newport Casino, but later it became an International Tennis Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, nowadays, competitions are held by USTA Billie Jean National Tennis Center in New York. The U.S. Open became the first Grand Slam with an equal system of rewards – prize for men and women was similar, thanks to Billie Jean King. She threatened to boycott the event if conditions wouldn’t fair.

New York City Marathon

Join the runners on a 42 km route through iconic Manhattan and other five districts and see if you are in good enough shape. Visit New York during the cooler months to catch the possibility of becoming a part of a marathon – every year, 35,000 eager come here to conquer the vast distance. On the other hand, if you decide to cheer runners, get some water to spray on them – it helps to stay upbeat.


Create unforgettable moments and enjoy the unique atmosphere in the sporting events. We wish you a safe trip!