TNF AFC South Showdown Colts vs. Texans

The Indianapolis Colts are not supposed to be here, but here they are entering tonight’s game with a 6-4 record in the AFC South and tied for the lead with the Texans. A win for the Colts will move them to a 4-0 record in the division and the Texans would fall to 2-2. The online bookies have gone a bit mad this season with teams such as the Colts. These guys were predicted to be bad, beyond bad – awful. Andrew Luck retired at the ripe old age of 29 and the entire sports media world said the Colts were done. They are not done, and they beat the Texans in their first meeting in Indianapolis.

Scores and Stats : Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans Preview and Predictions

Jacoby Brissett has been everything the Colts or any other team in the NFL could have hoped for. He’s sharp, he’s quick, he has good feet, he plays inside and outside very well, and he has above-average quarterback instincts. His numbers prove what we are saying having gone 168-260 passing with 1797 yards, 15 TDs, and just 4 INTs. The guy is solid, and nobody wanted him to be! It seems the world and especially Colts fans were hoping he would crash and burn. It hasn’t happened.

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The Colts have put together a running game and it’s working. Hyde has 158 carries with 769 yards and 4 TDs. Although the ground game could certainly be better, and Marlon Mack gives the Texans the edge, the Colts definitely pick up the edge in the receiving department with DeAndre Hopkins. A receiver such as Hopkins opens up the field for the Colts and give them a slight advantage over the long-haul of an entire 60-minute game.

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The Texans have Deshaun Watson and they can thank the greatest coach (right now) and one of the greatest systems in the history of college football – Clemson and Dabo Swinney. What they did for  Watson was not only to give him the valuable tools needed to make a great football player but to become a great person. Watson is both.

Being a great person will not beat the Colts tonight! What will beat them is a big game and Watson can put on a show. He has put on a show with 2601 yards, 18 TDs, and just 6 INTs. He is having another great year and he obviously has a fantastic future for a long time to come in the NFL. Will it be with the Texans? Who knows? This team can never seem to manage quarterback well, but they are doing a great job so far with Watson.

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JJ Watt is possibly the best defensive player in the NFL and if he is, then Von Miller is a close second. Look at the Broncos, look at the Texans… The Texans allow 23.2 points per game, the Colts allow 20.6. This number is simply too close to give one team a definitive edge over the other, however, we can safely say the Colts defense has been overlooked; it’s good. The point is – a team can have the best defensive players and not be the best defensive team on the field.

The Texans come in as a -3.5 point favorite and we think this will be a close one for most of the game and as hard as we try to find a way for the Texans to cover at home; we can’t find a way. This game can go either way. Look for a shootout tonight, the defense will be an afterthought. Over 46. Call the online bookie and get the money in,  ask for a great NFL bonus that will carry you the rest of the season and start winning tonight.