The Thrills Of Sports Betting In The US: A Look at The Most Popular Sports for Wagering

The whole sports betting landscape of the USA changed in 2018 when the Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was repealed. By repealing the act, millions of Americans were now able to legally bet on their favorite sports, and sportsbooks added many sports to their listings, which increased the number of betting markets available.

The sports betting market has seen a huge amount of growth since 2018, and the market is predicted to continue to expand. Nowadays, betting on sports like American football, soccer, basketball, and baseball has become an exciting pastime for fans. Interest in sports betting ramps up around major sporting events.

In this article, we’ll closely examine the most popular sports in the USA for sports betting and find out why fans enjoy them so much.

Football Frenzy – National Football League (NFL)

The NFL was founded in 1920 and brought together 14 charter teams from 13 towns. Over the past 100 years, the league has grown and now comprises 32 franchises. The NFL season gives sports fans plenty of opportunities to wager on their favorite players and teams. The season stretches over 18 weeks and is made up of 272 games.

Fans have a huge variety of bets that they can place on this sport. They can go for simple, straightforward bets, such as moneyline bets on which team will win or lose. Or they can opt for prop bets on how an individual player will perform. Bettors can wager on lots of events over the whole season and bring them together in a parlay bet.

The NFL season culminates in the most wagered-on event in the whole American calendar, the Super Bowl. This match is the championship match between the two NFL conferences, and it brings the season to a close. It records an audience of over one hundred million annually and is the largest sports betting event in the USA.

Slam Dunk – National Basketball Association (NBA)

Bettors have plenty of wagering choices with baseball, as the season is six months long and runs from October to April every year. Bettors can place a massive range of bets over the season, as the 30 league teams play 1,230 games.

Sportsbooks offer a lot of betting markets on this sport because there are so many things that fans can bet on. For example, players become very well-known and their fans are very loyal to them, so they like to place bets on their progress throughout the season.

Basketball attracts worldwide audiences, so it’s a popular sport to bet on across the world.

Home Run – Major League Baseball (MLB)

The MLB season picks up from when the NBA stops and runs from March to October, so fans of both sports can enjoy a full 12 months of sporting events. The league was formed in 1876 and its 30 teams play 162 games over the season, which makes 2,430 games in total. The large number of games means that bettors have a lot of betting opportunities.

Many bettors are loyal to particular teams and have their favorite players, just as in the NBA. Sportsbooks create many betting markets, so bettors have an extensive choice of wagers to place on each game and individual players.

As baseball can be a high-scoring game, many fans like to place over/under bets on the games. These let bettors wager on if the total number of runs scored in a game will be over or under the sportsbook prediction.

Plenty To Wager On

The sports betting market in the USA is thriving, and since the repeal of PASPA in 2018, it has become increasingly popular across many states.The sports betting market is predicted to carry on growing, which is good news for sports betting fans.