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With around $150 BILLION bet through online bookies every year, online bookie agents must stay competitive. They do this by using a premium sportsbook management software.

Customer service is key to staying ahead and lucrative in the bookie industry.

Which means having the right sportsbook management software is imperative. This was agents can focus on growing their books and providing the best experience to their players.

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What Does The Prime Package Offer?

  • Highly Customizable Dashboard: Agents can see what they need from betting lines, pending current bets, limit setting and more, all in one spot.
  • Real-time Live Wagering on 1000+ Events: Premium live wagering offers real-time betting, on thousands of events, 80+ leagues & +70 horse racing tracks
  • BetAlerts: Instant Player Betting Notifications: Agents know exactly where bet are going with a simple SMS, Email or App Alert. Manage game when they action gets to hot from anywhere.
  • In-Depth Reporting Options: Like all business, bookies need to see exactly where their revenue is coming from. Leverage detailed analytics to manage and increase profits.
  • Mobile Betting + Mobile Friendly Website: With the Prime Package, players can place live-wagers anywhere—anytime.
  • Multiple Casino & Horse Profiles: Agents have the ability to ensure they don’t lose money in the case of a one-sided match. Customize casino and horse profiles easily with Prime.
  • And so much more . . . is the sportsbook solution designed to help online bookies master their sportsbook business.

Their Prime Package offerings industry-leading tools and betting options while providing the best service to their agents, and their players.

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