Switch Your PPH Software Today!

The pay per head industry has taken off over the last several years and the options available today are much more substantial than ever before. Back in the good old days of bookmaking, bookies never gave a second thought to make their lives easier or clearing a path to find more players. Times have changed for the better and with each passing year, the bookie software gets better and more advanced. Yesteryear’s bookie was charged the duties of doing literally everything. It wasn’t easy being the corner bookie. Your clients called at 3:00 AM and they demanded that you be all things to all people. It was a nightmare. Why keep living like this? There is no reason to kill yourself for less profit, there is no reason to kill yourself at all and why not enjoy what you do. Bookies are realizing there is a better way and now you can too with an amazing free trial offer.

If your pay per head is not meeting your needs, then you must switch to a provider that will. Let us take a look at a few of the bookie’s daily duties.

  • Prepare, set, and offer the daily lines for each sporting event, and/or games for that day.
  • Setting futures odds for each respective sport that you are going to offer futures odd on. This does not have to be done daily but it certainly should be looked at daily. The world of professional sports changes at a moment’s notice and a bad line can kill you later on in the season. You must stay on top of every future line you offer.
  • Grading each days bet slips. Your clients want to be paid when they win a bet and most of them will want to make new bets with their winnings. You must be prepared to have their event/game graded within five minutes after said event is finished.
  • Knowing how much money you have! You must know on a daily basis how much you have to work with, how much you can afford to lose and how many bets and at what level you can allow players to play. Example: if you have $5,000 in the till, that’s it, no more not one penny more to your name. There is no money in a bank somewhere or in savings or under the mattress— you have $5,000. You must access your risk level. You can’t possibly allow yourself to be in a position to lose all $5,000. You must figure out how much net worth you can afford to lose on a daily basis. You must set a tight budget and stick to it.
  • Setting daily player limits. You need your clients and you want them betting with you as much as possible, but you must qualify the bettor and you must not let them bet more than you personally can afford to
  • You must make sure that the way in which your clients reach you in order to place their bets; you must make sure that’s it up, running and fully functional during your set business hours. If you are operating a website then you must make sure that your website is never down and always 100% fully-functional.
  • You must be spreading the word. You want new clients, you depend on new clients and cross-action. You make money on the juice, so you must have people betting both ways on not just big events, but everyday sporting events.
  • As mentioned, there is a lot that goes into the daily life of a bookie. You are responsible for each player and you are responsible for the ones beating you as well as the ones losing to you. You want to keep them both but have to work a juggling act to do so.

Find a pay per head that’s willing to go the extra mile to make sure you will succeed in this industry. Find a bookmaker that has fair pricing and one that offers a fantastic free trial. Do not mess around with a three-day trial or even a week’s trial and be very careful that the free trial is a full-on, fully-functioning, free trial. Get what you pay for, get what you deserve. Stare earning a great income, without all the hassle.

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