Students in Sports: Top 6 Colleges for Pro Athletes

When you are a pro athlete, there is one key thing you should keep at the core when choosing a suitable college. To continue your career in sports, you want to make sure that the college you go to will not get in your way but rather support you on this path.

What to look out for in colleges? A perfect school should value sports and encourage young athletes. Of course, the academic program should also be tailored to the needs of busy athletes. Though, this is not so critical. After all, you can always hire a cheap essay writer by EssayService to cope with your assignments and save time for sports. But, most importantly, the selected school should provide opportunities for growth in this field.

Due to a well-developed sports culture, in the US, quite a few schools are known for producing the most drafted professional athletes. In this article, we have collected a list of the best ones among them. So read on to see what options are there for you!

1.  University of California Los Angeles

The first pick among the best US colleges for pro athletes is the University of California Los Angeles. UCLA might not spend millions of dollars on recruiting like other schools from our list. But, despite this fact, it is known for producing a large number of athletes who make their way to the pro league.

Attending this school is considered prestigious, both academically and athletically. First of all, UCLA is one of the top-ranked schools, according to Forbes. And, it is also worth noting that every year graduates of this school get selected to play in NBA, NFL, MLB, and other professional leagues.

2.  Louisiana State University

The next school to consider if you are into sports is Louisiana State University. This college is known for its great athletic programs. And, it is also known as the school that has the most overall draft sections.

For years, Louisiana State University was supporting and encouraging young athletes. The school spends over one million dollars on recruiting talented athletes. And it is known to provide them with excellent career opportunities. Among its most famous graduates are Shaquille O’Neal, Odell Beckham Jr., ​​Ronald Dupree, and many others.

3.  University of Florida

Another school known for producing professional athletes is the University of Florida. Like the previous school on our list, UF spends lots of money recruiting talented young sportsmen. And, we have to admit that the school’s investment in athletes brings real fruits.

This university has produced dozens of talented athletes who earned fame and recognition in football, basketball, baseball, swimming, and other sports. So, if you are looking for a professional athletic career, this place might be perfect for you.

4.  University of Wisconsin

For many of you, finding the University of Wisconsin on our list of the best US colleges for pro athletes may seem a bit surprising. However, we have to say that this school is being quite underestimated.

In fact, the University of Wisconsin produces professional athletes at a pace that many other schools can only envy. The school is known best for preparing top-rated NFL players. Some of the most well-known superstars who graduated from this college include Joe Thomas, J.J. Watt, and many others. Apart from this, UW is also known for producing great NHL players.

Thus, even though it might not seem like a super prestigious school to attend, be sure that people at UW really know how to help you jump-start your sports career. So, don’t hesitate to consider it as an option for yourself.

5.  University of North Carolina

Another option pro athletes should really look into is the University of North Carolina. Apart from offering high-quality education, this school is also known for its support for young athletes.

For decades, this college was recognized as one of the best producers of professional athletes. Many of its graduates not only built successful careers in sports but actually made their way to the Hall of Fame. Some of the most famous graduates of the University of North Carolina include Michael Jordan, Lawrence Taylor, Billy Cunningham, and many others.

6.  Duke University

Finally, the last one on our list but definitely not worse than the other options is Duke University. One of the biggest things this school takes pride in is its men’s basketball team, the Duke Blue Devils. The team has multiply won national titles. And, its iconic coach, Mike Krzyzewski, is known as one of the top producers of outstanding NBA talent.

Some of the most famous pro athletes who graduate the Duke University include Elton Brand, Christian Laettner, Luol Deng, Shane Battier, and others. The school has great sports programs not only for basketball but for many other sports too. So, this is another option worth considering.

The Bottom Line

If you are hoping to build a professional career in sports, the good news is that plenty of colleges in the US will help you succeed on your path to this goal. And, now, after reading this article, you know about the top options available out there.

Each college from this list is known for producing famous and talented athletes. So, if you are looking for a school that can support you in this endeavor, be sure to consider the options we shared with you earlier, and good luck!