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Local bookies have heard the name “PPH” but many don’t know what a PPH does or what the main function is. We are here to set the record straight and to tell you what they do, what they don’t do, how much they cost, and if they are worth your time, effort, and money. One thing we know for sure, the pay per head does all of the legwork for you. How do they do it? This is why we are here, to explain how they function, how they can help you, and how you can get started in the PPH world. The good news, the process is not difficult, it’s easy, quick, affordable, and you will be earning a nice income in no time.

  • The best PPH providers on the internet are now offering their bookie software for pennies on the dollar and it’s all-inclusive. What you get is a custom-built gaming website that features a state of the art sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook.
  • The PPH does all of the daily, grind-it-out work for you. They set the lines and odds in the sportsbook, they set all of the day’s action in every sport. They offer you every sport known to man, but they leave you in control. You will have the unfettered ability to change the lines and odds on any event or to not offer any event that you choose to not offer.
  • The sportsbook comes with a sleek user interface that includes a huge wagering menu. Your clients will have the opportunity to bet how they want to and when they want to bet. With an online presence, they can bet 24/7.
  • Your clients will have the ability to place bets online 24/7. They will not have to call you unless they just want to or if you want them to do so. You are now FREE! Ha, this is what makes having an online bookmaking site so wonderful. You can have a life now. The everyday world of a local bookie is hectic, it can be a downright hassle, and it doesn’t give you the freedom to grow your business.

  • The PPH comes in and does all of the work for you. The sportsbook is set up 100%, the Casino is also set up for you and all you do is enjoy the profits. Of course, you will need to make deposit arrangements with your clients, you will also need to set a payment “settle up” time or possibly pay them as soon as they win. We do not recommend this, simply because it’s complicated and difficult. The PPH can help you find the right solution for deposits and payouts. The best PPH providers know the best methods and they are willing to give your free advice on who to use and who to stay away from. You may also choose cash. Cash costs you nothing, however, you will need to find your clients and collect in person.
  • The PPH has put together a top-notch casino that players will love to gamble in. There are well over 100-games to play that include the hottest slots, the favorite table games, and live dealers. The casino is a MUST if you want to earn consistent money. There will be times when you lose money in the sportsbook, this is the nature of the business. Have a backup plan with the casino. The casino is a guaranteed winner more than 97% of the time.

The best PPH providers on the internet are charging around $7-$13 per head, per week, for active players. You will only pay once per week for unlimited wagering opportunities for your client. You will never pay for inactive players. The PPH software is easily the best opportunity for finding an online presence affordably and quickly. They will build your website in a day or two and there is no charge. You and your clients will have exclusive access to a .com address and exclusive access to a toll-free hotline, and the gaming-friendly agents speak great English. There is no reason to not be earning a great income from gaming. Call today and have your players playing tomorrow.

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