Wild Card Weekend Staff Selections

The Playoffs have arrived and the staff looks to continue their impressive postseason record this Wild Card Weekend. This is our 5th year doing our weekly staff selections and our all-time Wild Card Weekend record is 26-19-3 with Jay Cooper leading the way at 10-5-1. This year’s Wild Card games are very interesting in the fact that only one home team is favored (Redskins -1). The action kicks off on Saturday afternoon with the Kansas City Chiefs at the Houston Texans and finishes on Sunday with Green Bay at Washington.

Our staff of Bobby Babowski, Jay Cooper, and Mike Ivcic give you all picks in every game including our top selection in yellow. We will have all our picks submitted by Friday afternoon, so check back often as we update the board throughout the week. You can always view our weekly records at our Staff Selections Home Page.

Our top play is in yellow.

Wild Card Weekend Bob Babowski
YTD: 126-125-5
Top 5: 37-45-3
Jay Cooper
YTD: 122-129-5
Top 5: 36-47-2
Mike Ivcic
YTD: 134-117-5
Top 5: 35-48-2
Kansas City @ Houston Texans +3.5 Texans +3.5 Chiefs -3.5
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati Steelers -2.5 Steelers -2.5  Steelers -2.5
Seattle @ Minnesota Vikings +5.5 Seahawks -5.5  Seahawks -5.5
Green Bay @ Washington  Packers -1  Packers -1 Redskins +1