Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

If you have ever gambled on sports, odds are you’ve only bet on games. However, with the advent of sports betting apps and, to a lesser extent, websites, it’s possible to bet on literally anything happening on the field or court. These include “birdies” in golf that result in one point being awarded, “runs scored” (obviously) in baseball or cricket, and even defensive holding penalties in football!

So many choices for getting involved

With all of these opportunities available at your fingertips, it’s no wonder that so many people are using online sports betting sites these days. You can get better returns than with traditional gambling options, and there’s so much variety at your disposal.

Did you know that you can bet on the following sports?

1. Quidditch

Yes, that’s right! Quidditch was first mentioned in the Harry Potter books as an actual sport, and yes, you can bet on the outcome of games.

Obviously, there aren’t actual flying broomsticks. Muggle quidditch is played by two teams of seven with four balls instead of one. The players tend to be a lot less buffed than the ones in Harry Potter, too. The players are referred to as “chasers”, “beaters”, and “keepers” like in the books, for example, instead of referring to them as chasers, beaters, and seekers.

2. Reindeer racing

Reindeer racing is quite competitive in Norway, Finland, and Russia. Reindeers pull sleds or skiers along snowy tracks. Races are exciting as the deer can reach speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.

3. Weightlifting

The sport of weightlifting combines mental toughness with intense physical activity. Competitors attempt to lift, bend, or throw as much weight as possible. Among the heaviest objects you can bet on are the super-heavyweight lifts – the only event with no weight limits.

4. Sumo

For those who are unfamiliar with sumo wrestling, it is similar to the art of “mixed martial arts” in that it involves multiple techniques from several different martial arts. The fight generally ends with one competitor being tossed out of the ring by the other or by using a move called a “tsuppari”, which often involves using hands, forearms, and even teeth to push opponents out of the ring. The person who is thrown out of the ring first loses the match.

5. Goat racing

Goat racing is a popular sport in Tobago. Races are only one lap around a racetrack that can be as short as 131 feet, while the ground ahead is covered with hay and rocks to aid traction.

6. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate was invented in 1967 at Columbia High School, Maplewood, New Jersey, USA, by students Joel Silver and Jonny Hines – hence the name “Ultimate.” The game is played with seven players on a team on a field by 120 yards (110 m).

These are just a few of the sports you can bet on. Sports betting apps and websites make it possible to bet on practically anything, so if you have a desire to bet on a sport, don’t think you can’t! You just might be surprised by what’s out there.