NBA Basketball Recap

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Some Things You Can’t Handicap

Sunday’s NBA card was short and not particularly attractive. I went through the card game-by-game and found nothing particularly strong but could make a pretty good case for the Bucks/Lakers over. Evidently I wasn’t the only one as the line opened at 206 on the overnight and closed at 211 and the hook.   Watching the game at the casino, I almost got physically ill. Three minutes into the game, Buck PF Malik Allen went out with a rib injury at the three minute mark and would not return. SF Richard Jefferson picked up two fouls in his first six minutes and would finish the game with three points and four fouls in nine minutes.   Shooting by both teams was atrocious. The Bucks missed their first seven shots from the field. Michael Redd missed his first four shots from the field and finished 1-2 for two points in 21 minutes playing time. The Milwaukee starters finished the game 8-28 (29%) from the floor for 18 total points.   After three minutes of no spark coming out of the half and trailing by 24, Skiles threw in the towel and played his reserves the rest of the way. Joe Alexander led the way with 15 while Luc Richard Mbah a Moute chipped in with 14/10. The reserves went 27-62 (43.5%) from the field as the Bucks shot 38% for the game.    The first quarter ended 24-16 Lakers for a 160 pace and I was worried. With three minutes left in the half, it was 34-21 and I was sick. The half ended 43-31 and I was toast. The halftime line came back Lakers 5 and 109. Thinking of a way to save my original bet but having had a nice day in football, I decided to eat the original ticket, have a couple of shots of Patron and enjoy 24 minutes of garbage time.   The Bucks actually won the fourth quarter 38-31 (69 points) to make things much closer than the reality and Milwaukee actually snuck in the back door (Lakers -14) for the cover.   I can only imagine what the people that bought that play were thinking and calling me throughout the first half. Thankfully, most of those same players that saw or listened to the game or read the recap in the morning are sophisticated enough to just shrug and realize sometimes sh*t happens.   Bad play ??? Probably. Would I have done it again ??? Absolutely. Unless you have a crystal ball, you probably won’t be able to handicap a starting five going 8-28 from the field for 18 combined points while the top scorers (avgg 46 of t he teams 95 ppg) would score five points in 30 minutes. Excuses ??? Maybe. Sh*t happens but fortunately we’re alive to fight another day. Welcome to my world.



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