Pros and Cons of Sports Betting Like a Business Model

In today’s interview we give a word to a former full-time capper Alan Gadzhi who quit betting for a while. The questions were asked by casino nl online.  Let’s get started.

  • What sports do you bet on?
  • I love tennis. In football if a team is losing 10:00, there is no chance that players will win. In tennis everything is possible. There are several types of tennis tournaments. ATP is highest, ITF is lowest. ITF sucks with starters and staged games. It’s hard to analyze, because guys love to make the cirqus. Also men’s and women’s tennis are pretty different. It’s also hard to guarantee.
  • What’s the most important thing to start from scratch?
  • Everything depends on the team, results, responsibilities and time. I had a lack of time for anything except betting, so I decided to take a break. I can unveil some tips and tricks from my experience. First of all don’t focus on football or soccer, whatever you’re used to say. Yes, it’s hard because we are all football casuals who are solidly dedicated to the club, but sport betting is another field. You need to be maximum concentrated and cold-blooded. Sport betting as a business choice is a real job, it’s not an astrology and your clients are eager only to multiply their assets and don’t lose.
  • How did you choose games?
  • It’s a main question. When you bet on famous matches it’s easier to analyze and understand who pretends and who don’t. In ATP Challenger there is also a lot of cirqus. I hate football in terms of sport betting. My favorites are tennis and table tennis. I prefer 1 on 1, or 2 on 2 matches, than foretelling on 22 guys and 3 refs. It’s coronavirus time, football isn’t in its best, many strange things happened like Liverpool lost 7:2 to Aston Villa F.C. Also football without fans sucks, but in tennis there is no difference, whether there are fans or not. I have been in sport betting since the 8th grade. To be more precise, sport betting started to feed me in 8th grade. My first win was $106 when I bet $2. I have no clue about casino games online free, but I can speak about sport betting countless times.
  • What made you quit betting if you were making profit?
  • Time, nerves, analysis, responsibilities. I wasn’t cheating my clients and even though I was earning enough. By that time, these earnings seemed normal for me, today these sums look more appealing. There were a lot of wanna be cappers. I’ve never given fake promises about staged games. I just gave one trial result, and if anybody wanted to continue I took a reward. If you want to make your own betting product, simply saying being a capper, be prepared for loads of work.
  • What are skills for capper?
  • You should  overcome objections, a lot of social networks job, Facebook accounts and communities are being banned constantly. You need to solve a lot of affairs. You’ll become more responsible if you are really interested in results. But still you can design your own schedule and earn decent money. My father is a door’s company owner. In the highest month of income I was earning 3 times more than him. It’s a real job, you have no time, but you do what you like, watch tennis. But I decided to take a serious education and put a sport betting on a break. Also I needed to relax. I became aggressive. For a 16-years-old guy these sums were really huge, I never said to anybody how much I earned because envy leads to poorness. I lived my job and was delighted. I could work from every part of the world. But still there was no time for relationships, because if you put off the job for a week you could lose clients.
  • What can you say about sport animal betting?
  • I even saw cockfighting online, but I never got it, horse racing, greyhounds and so on. Bets can be about everything. Like Trump’s impeachment, Eurovision. But most likely people bet on notorious matches for players they know or love. Bookie don’t really differentiate, it’s more about convenience. Sport betting is about passion.