Profitable Market

There’s no denying that some sports betting markets are more profitable than others.

In fact, some independent bookmakers don’t even work year-round. They’ll work during the busiest time for sportsbooks and then they’ll take some time off until the following year.

So, what are the most profitable markets for independent bookies? Let’s take a look.

Most Profitable Market for Independent Bookies

Without question, the most profitable markets for bookies are the NFL and college football (CFB).

Billions are wagered in North America and abroad annually on American football. It’s the best time of the year for bookies, as many sports bettors will only wager on football.

While it’s becoming much more common for sports bettors to bet year-round, there are still a lot of guys that only enjoy betting on the NFL and/or CFB. It has been like that for decades.

So, how can you use this information to your advantage?

  • Run Football Promotions: Save your marketing budget for the month before football starts. Use the money to run a promotion to get new players signed up before the NFL starts.
  • Promote Competing Sports: Some bookies will focus on promoting competing sports during football because most of their competitors are focused solely on NFL/CFB.
  • Save for Rainy Days: You might be making five-figures a month during football season, but that won’t be the case after the season, so save enough money when the going is good.

Most Profitable Market to Target

With U.S. legalization, independent bookies to create a profitable market in the country.

Right now, the US betting market is without doubt the best market to target. If you live in one of the states that have already legalized sports betting, the market is already booming.

Just because there are  licensed bookmakers in your state doesn’t mean you can’t still make a lot of money as an independent bookie. Many sports bettors still prefer independent bookies.

You need to cater to your strengths, though. Here are some ways to succeed independently.

  • Be Responsive: Have an open line of communication with your players. You want them to be able to trust you fully, as that’s what will build long-term loyalty as an independent bookie.
  • Pay Quickly: In the US, a lot of bookies pay slowly, especially in unregulated states. You’ll be able to retain all of your players if you become known for paying on time every week.
  • Use a Reputable PPH Service: With the low cost of PPH services today, don’t try to save a few bucks a week by going with a service that’s lacking in features and reputation use a service like

The US is an extremely profitable market for independent bookies.

There are currently millions of sports bettors in the US wagering on sports every year. You need to learn your market, understand what your players want and then over deliver.

You can become an independent bookie regardless of where you live. With cryptocurrencies it’s easy to send money around the world in minutes, so your clients can come from anywhere.

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