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Several years ago, agent bookie enterprises weren’t interested in transforming offshore and onshore sportsbooks. But, things changed when online gambling started being popular.

Agent bookmakers started using a new business model that involves charging a per active player fee. Pay per head is famous in many countries today. Here are eight questions you need to ask before choosing a pay per head bookie.

1. Which Is Their Software?

Betting companies with advanced gambling bookie software often have high traffic as they settle bets fast. So, it is necessary to select a PPH site that uses software like DGS to have smooth operations.

2. Who Manages Their Lines?

Renowned bookies often set sharp lines. An experienced linesman can build your brand, as they understand what a bookie needs to do to beat sharp punters and make a profit.

Once you subscribe to a particular pay per head company’s services, a gambling expert needs to manage your clients. You can inquire about workers who move their lines.

3. Is the Company Up-to-Date?

Today, most pundits like wagering on mobile phones. It allows them to place bets from anywhere as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

Yet, some pay per head firms hasn’t embraced mobile gambling. They still focus on offering services to desktop users.

A PPH site that follows the latest industry trends should accept various payment methods like cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin gambling is expected to be a popular payment option in the future. But, pay per head providers need to integrate cryptocurrencies into their software.

4. Which Services Do They Provide?

Generally, bookmakers need a casino, horse betting, and a sportsbook. PPH companies that offer extra services like in-play betting offer bookies more information. Some of them provide personalized white label sites, various deposit options, frequent agent reports, skilled lines markers, and an efficient support team.

5. How Did You Know About The Company?

Experienced operators recommend selecting a pay per head company that a family member or close friend referred to you. Or, you can ask customer support to link you up with the manager.

Some bookmakers publish articles about the leading pay per head websites. They consider a PPH sites’ rating and reviews when ranking it. Normally, if you randomly contact a PPH sportsbook through cold calling or by email, they might concentrate more on winning your trust rather than the quality of services you will get.

6. Has Their Staff Ever Run a Bookmaker Before?

Some pay per head companies fail this vital test. Running a successful bookmaker teaches an individual how to grow a novice bookie to be a full-fledged sportsbook. Some PPH sites hire people who cannot differentiate various sports wagers like moneylines and parlays.

Ask the PPH site to prove their experience in running sportsbooks. Their financial records should show that they have made a profit in at least three consecutive years.

7. Are They a Genuine PPH Company?

Reliable pay per head providers should have vast gambling experience, trained personnel, and many resources. A fraudulent company can neglect your players during lunch hours while many games are starting.

Even so, some successful providers have a small workforce. It isn’t advisable to judge a PPH company based on its staff size only.

8. Do They Specialize in a Certain Market?

Some PPH sites specialize in particular markets while others offer a broad selection of betting services. You can choose a company that has immense experience in your target market.

Many successful pay per head bookie operators strive to create more time to market their brands. Some of them hire renowned PPH companies to use their betting software and manage various gambling operations for them. It is wise not to rush while choosing a PPH site to avoid losing clients.

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