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Sports betting has become a growing and popular industry over the last several years. It seems that betting odds are set and publicized for virtually any athletic activity, even if it’s not directly related to a game or match. This rise began with Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and has accelerated with the legalization and implementation of sports betting in 20 states.

That number will continue to grow, with five more states in some stage of implementation. It was all prompted by the state of New Jersey’s lawsuit that challenged Nevada’s virtual monopoly on legal wagering on sports. The case made it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States in 2018 where the landmark ruling allowed all states to legalize the practice.

Since then, a combination of online and retail sportsbooks have started operations, utilizing the latest technology to bring an easy and enjoyable wagering experience to customers. Horse racing tracks in some states have been able to leverage the addition of betting on other sports to take advantage of a clientele that is already inclined to wager.

While the NFL still generates the highest sports wagering activity in the United States, the online and retail technologies have made it possible to view lines and place wagers on almost any sport, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This 24/7 wagering window is also extended to live betting, with in-game wagering possible on almost any device, even mobile phones.

Even though half the states have legalized sports betting, only individuals physically located, and the applications track it geocoding, in those states can place wagers. There are still the other half where that option doesn’t exist and probably won’t for at least three or four years. For prospective or active bettors in those locations, not much has changed.

They have a couple of options, the first of which is to use an online betting site that is operated by a company that’s based outside the United States. These sites, while very user friendly from the wagering aspect, can be problematic when it comes to funding accounts or withdrawing winnings. The use of crypto currencies and the total lack of regulation can make it difficult, if not impossible, to collect on winnings in a timely manner.

The other option is to use a local sports betting agent, who has knowledge of the regional favorites and develops a relationship with their clients. Bookies, while thought of in derogatory ways in the past, have now been able to move out of the shadows as sports betting has become more mainstream. Even professional leagues and organizations are embracing the practice as they see it as a way to increase interest and revenue.

Not only have they embraced it, but they are developing partnerships to publicize the lines and odds for games. They’re also promoting gambling activity, which runs counter to the position they took for decades when it came to wagering on their games and matches, at least in the United States.

A great tool for bookies that puts them on equal footing with the major online sportsbook operators is Pay Per Head (PPH) service. It provides the same technology utilized by Caesar’s/William Hill, BetMGM, PointsBet and others that operate in many of the states where it’s legal to do so. For bookies looking to take advantage of the rise in interest, it’s almost a necessity to use a PPH sportsbook like realbookies.

Although football season is still months away, NFL draft props are a way for bettors to stay involved with the sport. Using a PPH service to offer the opportunity to clients is much easier than manually dealing with all of the different betting options available. A great place to get started is at www.RealBookies.com.

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