Online Casinos – When Should I Cash Out?

If you are a proper gambler, you will probably be well aware of when it is time to call it a day. However, most rookie gamblers will continue to splash the cash long after they have picked up a reasonable win, in hope of a landing an even more considerable jackpot. This is the essence of gambling, whether it be sports betting, playing casino games, the lotto or even online poker. There are arguments for both cases. Some stories tell tales of players who have won a decent amount, gone on to gamble it and won an even larger sum of cash later that session. Others are more predictable: a big jackpot has been won, and greedy players keep on playing, only to lose the lot. Even worse, players may top up their account attempting to chase their losses, and that is a big no-no. So, is there an ideal time to withdraw? When should you cash out? In this article, we will look at four ideal times to call it quits whilst you’re ahead when playing at a casino.

Following a big jackpot win

Naturally, one of the prime times to call it quits when playing at an online casino is after you have won a big jackpot. It is awfully tempting to keep on spinning those reels, or playing those hands after you’ve bagged a truly impressive jackpot win. You must try and refrain from that, though. Sure, another big win may be around the corner – or it might not be. If you are more than content with the jackpot you have won, and if it will really help you in your day-to-day life, why risk it? A big jackpot win is the ideal time to pull the plug, and call it quits.

When small stakes lead to big wins

It is rare that a small stakes bet will lead to a life-changing sum of money (although it does happen). More often than not, small stakes bets will lead to reasonable wins. Just because you haven’t won a jackpot doesn’t mean you should ignore the obvious, though. One good strategy to ensure that you withdraw whilst you’re ahead is to weigh up your gains. Set yourself a limit, a minimum withdrawal limit, for instance. If you say before you play that you are happy with a win which is worth 10x what you’ve wagered, then make sure you stick to it. If you’ve only wagered £10 in a session, and you’ve currently got a balance of £100-plus, it is time to pull the plug. In this manner, you won’t be winning life-changing sums of cash, but you will always be ahead, and never risk losing your winnings.

At the start of a poor run

For those of us who know about random number generators, we understand that there is no such thing as a losing streak or a winning streak, even if we feel as though there might be. If you endure a losing streak, it is purely down to a random turn of events, not a preordained system which is rigged so you lose. However, just because a game randomly determines if you win, doesn’t mean that “losing streaks” can’t play havoc with your mind. Even all the intelligence in the world won’t stop your brain from thinking that things are turning against you. Losing a few spins in a row (especially with big bets) may make you angry, or frustrated. If you’re still ahead, call it quits and you will instantly lose those frustrations. If you feel yourself getting tetchy, call it a day and cash out.

When wagering requirements are cleared

Players who take plenty of bonuses will surely find themselves swamped with wagering requirements. Even if you want to withdraw, you won’t be allowed to until those wagering requirements have been met. As a general rule of thumb, then, it is ideal to get those wagering requirements out of the way as soon as possible. If you haven’t cleared them, then keep on gambling. Once they are out of the way, you may wish to cash out on the next big win you have. This is a pretty good strategy for any player operating with small stakes, and who regularly claims bonuses.


Ultimately it is entirely your decision when you cash out. However, we always find that developing a system for cashing out is ideal. You will find that your system will make you feel better, and probably help you avoid losing winnings more frequently. Which system you use can depend on wagers, deposits, bonus requirements, winnings, and so many more things. It is up to you how you go about it – but we strongly advise you come up a system of some kind or another for cashing out.